Won PWI Jatim Award 2024, Bank Jatim Boyong Award for Sport Achievement

Date: 28 april 2024

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JEMBER, April 28, 2024. The peak night of the commemoration of the 2024 East Java National Press Day (HPN) was lively. A series of activities also colored the HPN celebration organized by the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) East Java. Again, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (bankjatim) took part in activities that were attended by journalists throughout East Java. Thanks to the very high concern for the development of the world of sports, especially volleyball, then on this occasion bankjatim was rewarded with two awards at once from PWI East Java in the field of Sport Achievement 2024.

First, bankjatim won the award as the Best Sports Supervisor (volleyball) given to the Head of bankjatim Surabaya Main Branch Johanes Kunto Priambodo. Second, Jatimers Megawati Hangestri was successfully awarded as an Outstanding Athlete (volleyball) because she has succeeded in making Indonesia proud in the national and international arena.

Located in New Sari Utama Jember, the award as the Best Sports Coach (volleyball) was received directly by Johanes Kunto Priambodo. While the award for Megawati Hangestri received by SEVP Network & Services bankjatim Revi Adiana Silawati. Both awards were given directly by the Chairman of the East Java PWI Lutfil Hakim. Also present to witness Pj. Governor of East Java Adhy Karyono, Regent of Jember Hendy Siswanto, and AVP Corporate Communications bankjatim Bambang Supriadi.

The President Director of bankjatim Busrul Iman explained that he was very grateful to PWI East Java for the award given to the company. “This award is given for bankjatim's concern for the development and consistency in creating outstanding athletes. Because, the success of sports must be supported by all parties, not only the government, but also banking, “he said.

In addition, Busrul is also very happy because one of bankjatim's volleyball athletes, Megawati, managed to become one of the foreign players who played in the South Korean Volleyball League, representing the Daejeon Jung Kwan Jang Red Sparks club. “In principle, bankjatim strongly supports Jatimers who have superior potential in themselves. One of the containers is through the Work Life Balance (WLB) program. WLB in bankjatim is not just a concept, but also implemented through a variety of positive sports activities such as running, volleyball, swimming, basketball, golf, cycling, etc. So that in the future it is expected to help employees in providing the best output for the company, “said Busrul.

busrul also wished a happy national press day to the people in east java and country bankjatim hopes that future will further educate nation can provide more actual information every news hopefully synergy of with media has been well established so far be improved we become partners who always positive for community he said

Meanwhile, Adhy Karyono said that he was grateful to PWI East Java for organizing this HPN 2024 event. This is because the role of the press is very important in the life of the nation and state. Especially in maintaining election and post-election conduciveness in East Java some time ago. “Yesterday's election was very conducive and of course it was part of the success of the role of the press. In the future, we believe that the press will always maintain that conduciveness,” he said.

In addition, Lutfil Hakim also emphasized that press freedom must be upheld. According to him, the press must remain one of the guardian pillars of democracy, becoming a common home for information, but the information conveyed must be based on facts. “We hope that all parties are able to maintain the press climate in the era of democracy by guaranteeing press freedom and legal certainty. And do not forget that synergy with various parties must continue to be established,” he concluded.