KPR iB Griya Barokah

Financing short-term, medium-term, or long-term to finance the purchase of residential (consumer) or renovation, either new or used, at the developer and non-developer environment, with murabaha system. 

House, shops and apartments in the residential and non-residential environments, new or old.


  1. Using the murabahah sale and purchase agreement between the bank and the customer, where the bank buys needed goods and sell them to the customer at cost plus an agreed profit margin.
  2. Maximum financing term of 15 years.
  3. Flexible for the purchase of new or second home.


  1. Light and fixed installments. 
  2. The process is quick and easy. 
  3. Minor administrative costs. 
  4. Islamic insurance protection. 
  5. Online payment of installments at all branches of Bank Jatim, ATM Bersama and ATM Prima.


  1. Indonesian Citizens 
  2. 21 years old or have been married and authorities take legal action 
  3. At the time of the applicant's financing is paid off does not exceed the age of 65 years and for the financing of civil servants paid off when entering a period of preparation for retirement 
  4. Having a steady job (minimum term of 1 year) or self-employed 
  5. Maximum financing 90% of the purchase price for the house down type 70 m2 and 70% of the purchase price for the type of more than 70 m2. 
  6. Large installments not exceeding 70% of net monthly income. 
  7. Not listed in the financing problems of Bank Indonesia and Bank Jatim Syariah 
  8. Meet the requirements based on the assessment of the bank.


Employee/Fixed Income

  1. Application requests. 
  2. Photocopy of KTP, KK, Marriage certificate / divorce. 
  3. Pasphoto colored 4 x 6 Applicant and Spouse (husband / wife) is the latest. 
  4. Copy of Salary Slip or Income Statement has been approved by the competent authority. 
  5. Copy of Savings / Checking Account at Bank Jatim Sharia and / or other banks. 
  6. Copy of TIN for financing over USD 100 million or section 21 SPT form A1 to finance between 50 million to 100 million. 
  7. Power of Attorney Salary cuts for collective installment payments. 
  8. Copy of SHM / HGB. 

Non-Fixed Income/Self-Employed

  1. Application requests 
  2. Copy KTP, KK, Marriage Certificate / Divorce 
  3. Pasphoto 4 x 6 Applicant and Spouse (husband / wife) is the latest. 
  4. Income Statement 
  5. Copy Savings Account / Current Account in Bank Jatim Sharia and / or other banks. 
  6. Copy of Corporate, Business License, Business License / TDP 
  7. Financial Statements of the Company or other records of income representing the applicant 
  8. Permit Practice (for those who have professions) 

Costs incurred in connection with a mortgage financing facility iB Barokah Griya (appraisal fee, administrative fees, notary fees, insurance premiums, etc.). Must be paid in advance to the account in Bank Jatim Sharia.

Terms, conditions/for more information about our products, please contact Info Bank Jatim 14044 or visit branch offices Bank Jatim sharia.