Multiguna Loan

  • Credit that granted to fulfill all consumptive needs
  • Target:
    Credit that granted to civil servant, civil servant candidate, BUMN/BUMD employee candidate, TNI/POLRI member, legislator, private company employee, retiree and retired, contractor, temporary employee, and village device
  • Plafond :
    Proportional according to salary
  • Interest Rate :
    Low, competitive, and attractive interest rate
  • Time Period :
    In Accordance with the term of office or maximum 15 (fifteen) years
  • Application Requirements :
    1. Recommendation Letter from the Head of Department/Company
    2. Copy of ID card and KSK, NIP, employee card each 2 (two) pieces
    3. The color photograph 2 (two) pieces
    4. Reference Letter of civil servant appointment/fixed employee and the last Reference Letter
    5. Reference Letter of salary reception / income that made the Treasurer and known the Head of the Department/Company
    6. Authorization letter to cut / dispense the salary (from the applicant to the Bank)
    7. Reference Letter from the Treasurer that able to cut salaries as installment loans known by the Head of Department/Company
    8. Other Requirements as required

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