Customer Complaints Mechanism

Based on Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 1 / POJK.07 / 2013 on Consumer Protection Financial Services Sector, and Circular Letter of OJK No. 2 / SEOJK.07 / 2014 on Consumer complaints and settlement services to the business communities of Financial Services, Banks are required to inform Consumer complaints mechanism

  1. Every customer can make a complaint to the Bank caused by the loss and / or potential financial loss to the customer arising from errors or negligence of Bank
  2. Complaints may be submitted verbally or in writing to the Office of the relevant Bank or through the Bank Jatim Info 14044 or  Bank Jatim websites
  • Verbal complaints

Complaints submitted by telephone or come to the Branch office, face-to-face with officials / employees of the organizers and Call Center 14044

Complaints must be equipped with consumer identity information such as: name; address; contact phone; as well as a brief description of the complaint

  •  Complaint in writing

Complaints submitted through the media such as a letter to the branch, fax, email to or in website

Complaints financial transactions must be equipped with a copy of the Consumer identity and other supporting documents such as:

  • Type of payment system services that are used
  • Card number / account, transaction / deposit and / or other transaction receipt / sales draft, etc.
  • Chronology of the incident:

    - the date of the transaction / occurrence
       - problems complained of

3. Complaint verbally by the customer can be represented along conducted face-to-face not over the phone, by bringing :

  • Copy of proof of identity that represents customer
  • Letter of authorization from the customer which authorizes the parties that represent to act for and on behalf of clients, or;
  • Document confirming the authority to represent the institution or legal entity in terms of customer authorizes agencies and / or Legal Entity

4. The Bank will follow up on complaints within a period of two (2) weekdays from the receipt of the complaint

5. Complaints that contains elements of the dispute, breach the provisions of, or loss customer that require handling time more than two (2) weekdays, then the Bank will ask the customer to submit a complaint in writing

6. Handling of complaints resolved within a maximum period of 20 (twenty) working days after the complaint was received and must be accompanied by supporting documents are complete

7. In terms of handling the complaint can not be resolved within a period of 20 (twenty) weekdays,the completion of the complaint may be extended a maximum of twenty (20) weekdays that will be informed by the Bank before the waktu20 (twenty) the first working day ends.

Alternatives the customer not satisfied with the resolution of a complaint from Bank, other alternative through banking mediation.