Retail Jatim Credit

Retail Jatim Credit is the provision of money or equivalent claims, based on an agreement or loan agreement between the Bank and other parties which requires the borrower to repay the debt after a certain period of time with interest and the type of credit provided is Capital Credit. Work and or Investment.

  • Credit Ceiling
    • Maximum IDR 1 Billion
  • Term
    • Working Capital Credit maximum 4 years
    • Investment Credit up to 5 years
    • Special for East java Retail RC Loans for 1 year anda can be extended
  • Terms & Conditions
    • Do not have credit arrears (principal and interest) from banks or non-bank financing institutions (SLIK);
    • Not registered in the National Black List of Bank Indonesia (DHN - BI);
    • Has become or is willing to become a customer of Bank Jatim;
    • Other terms according to the provisions.