Kepemilikan Logam Emas IB Barokah

Kepemilikan Logam Emas iB Barokah ( KLE Barokah iB ) is a financing provided to help you have gold bullion in installments every month.


  1. Financed in the form of gold bullion and local Antam 24 carats.
  2. Finance period of at least 2 years and a maximum of 5 years.
  3. Monthly installments until the end of the financial maturity.
  4. Advances light , ie at least 20 % of the price of gold bullion to be financed Bank.
  5. Financing the value of gold with a minimum weight of 10 grams and a maximum of Rp150.000.000,00 ( One hundred and fifty million ) / customer.
  6. Installment payment facility through Autodebt.
  7. Free Shipping fees and insurance.


  1. Indonesian citizen and 21 years old, or have been married and are authorized to take legal action (age based on ID)
  2. Submit a valid identity card and valid.
  3. By the time the financing is paid off old
    • Retirement age for employees
    • Age 60 years for self-employed / professionals.
  4. Having income and ability to repay.
  5. Clients must open a Savings Account or Current Account at Bank Jatim Sharia
  6. Delivering Personal TIN to the Applicant by the number Financing > USD 100 million or SPT Article 21

Administrative Costs and Margins Table iB KLE Barokah


Administration fee

Free during the promotion period

Margin 1% / bl