SiNYAL Saving

To answer the needs of the society, especially the fisherman, Bank Jatim presents a special saving account for the fisherman under the name SiKLUS NELAYAN saving. Siklus Nelayan Saving is only intended for people who work as fisherman who have several special facilities, including the exemption of the saving administration fee.

  • Advantages
    • Provide convenience and speed in transactions
    • Saving interest is calculated based on daily balance
    • Free administration fee
  • Tem and Conditions
    • General Requirements :
      • Individual
      • Indonesian Citizen with a profession as fisherman
      • Aged over 17 years
    • Administrative Requirements :
      • Fill the CIF Form
      • Fill the Opening Savings Accounts Form
      • Submit a copy of valid identity
      • Minimum first deposit IDR 10.000,00
      • Minimum next deposit IDR 10.000,00
      • Minimum balance setties IDR 5.000,00

For further information, please contact the BANK INFO JATIM in 14044 or contact the branch office nearest Bank Jatim..