Bank Notes


  • Bank Notes is one of the Bank Jatim treasury product to serve buy or sell foreign exchange for Customer in the form of physical foreign currency transaction. The following is Foreign Currency that we serve :
    • USD
    • GBP
    • EUR
    • SGD
    • JPY
    • HKD
    • CNY
    • SAR
    • AUD


  • Available in (8) eight foreign currency with competitive exchange rate.

Time Period

  • Only applied for buy or sell transaction today (deal and settlement today)


  • Customer obligated to sign " Letter of authenticity and procuration " (Letter of lndemnity / LOI) according to standard format specified
  • If the number of purchase foreign exchange transactions against IDR is greater amount than USD 100,000 (or its equivalent) must be accompanied by an affidavit stamped, underlying documents, photo copy of valid ID, and a copy of TIN.