Property Comsumption Loan

With Fast And Easy Process And A Low Interest, We Are Ready To Help meet your consumption needs such as the construction / renovation of your property, vehicle purchases, tuition fees, hajj / umroh and other purposes.

  • Target:
    • Fixed income, such as civil servant and civil servant candidate, employee and BUMN/BUMD employee candidate, private company employee, TNI/Police (POLRI)
    • Unfixed income, such as director and commissioner who have majority share at company entreprenure and profession has an expertise (doctor, notary, lawyer, accountant, architect, consultant, appraiser, actuary)
  • Interest Rate
    • Low, competitive, and attractive interest rate
  • Period
    • Maximum 20 (twenty) years
    • Dokumen
      Pegawai BUMN/BUMD/Swasta
      Masyarakat Umum
      Photograph 4x6 two sheets
      V V V
      Copy of husband/wife’s Family Structure Card (KSK) and ID card (KTP)
      V V V
      Copy of civil servant/fixed employee’s appointment
      V V
      Salary Reference Letter from the institution
      V V
      Recommendation from the head of the institution
      V V
      Authority letter to Bank Jatim for salary cutting
      Reference / authority letter to the treasure for salary cutting
      Reference Letter from the Treasure for salary cutting
      V V V
      Application letter to obtain the residential facility (developer) specifically purchasing from developer
      V V V
      Insurance Statement Letter
      V V
      Reference Letter of monthly income and able to pay installment payment

Terms, conditions/for more information about our products, please contact Info Bank Jatim 14044 or visit branch offices Bank Jatim.