Barokah Saving

Tabungan Barokah is a saving account with a profit sharing scheme (Mudharabah) between Bank Jatim and its client that the fund can be withdrew anytime.

1. Bank Jatim provides a flexible investment scheme based on Syariah value
2. Bank Jatim make use of its clients’ fund in the saving accounts by providing financial schemes to productive business entities from small businesses up to corporate based on Syariah value

1. Guaranteed zero-risk fund
2. The fund is covered by blanket warranty provided by the government (LPS)
3. Highly competitive profit sharing scheme based on Syariah value
4. Flexible fund deposit/withdrawal (any branch of Bank Jatim)
5. Single multipurpose card for ATM and debet can be used in any ATM Bersama and PRIMA machine
6. SMS Banking

1. Fill-in and submit the Account Opening form
2. Submit copies of applicant's ID (KTP/SIM/Passport)

Information Table for Tabungan Barokah (Barokah Saving Account)

No Component Rate
1 Minimum Initial Deposit Rp50.000,00
2 Next Minimum Deposit Rp10.000,00
3 Passive Account Administration Fee Free
4 Monthly Administration Fee Rp5.000,00
5 Account Closure Administartion Fee Rp50.000,00
6 Minimum Balance Rp50.000,00
7 Account Book Replacement Free

 Terms, conditions/for more information about our products, please contact Info Bank Jatim 14044 or visit branch offices Bank Jatim sharia.