Simpel iB Saving

This Savings are suitable for the young, creative, and simple. It intended for students under 17 years and do not have ID cards.

  • Benefit :
    1. Secure customer funds;
    2. Would be included in the government guarantee program.;
    3. Free Monthly administration fee;
    4. Bank can provide a bonus on your deposit;
    5. Insya Allah blessing to provide benefits for others.
  • Information Table :
    1. Monthly administration fee Free
    2. Minimum initial deposit Rp1.000,00
    3. Next deposit Rp1.000,00
    4. Minimum balance Rp1.000,00
    5. Replacing book fee Bebas biaya
    6. Cost of closing account Rp1.000,00
  • Requirements :
    1. This Savings are for Indonesian student;
    2. Intended for student who under 17 years old and do not have ID cards;
    3. Opening account is through cooperation between the school and the Bank;
    4. Parents can authorize the school (school officials appointed) or any other party for opening SimPel iB account;
    5. A student is only allowed to have one (1) SimPel iB account at the same bank;
    6. Not allowed for joint accounts ;
    7. Withdrawal transaction , deposit, and transfer can be served in schools and all the bank channels as requested by customer and bank policy.

Terms, conditions/for more information about our products, please contact Info Bank Jatim 14044 or visit branch offices Bank Jatim Syariah.