Investasi Terikat iB Barokah (BOUND INVESTMENT FINANCING)

Placement of a number of funds from the owner of a bound investment fund which managed by the bank as collateral for financing that provided to the customer for a certain period of time based on akad mudharabah muqayyadah.

Minimum 3 months and according to the purpose of financing


For Individuals For Legal Entities or non-Legal Entities
  1. Copy of customer identity and husband/wife according to the data on KK (Kartu Keluarga)
  2. Copy of Marriage Certificate, Divorced Deed if you have divoiced/deed of the death if the spouse has passed away
  3. Copy Kartu Keluarga
  4. Copy NPWP (for financing > IDR 50 Million)
  5. Aproval of the husband/wife
  1. Copy of Corporate Legality Document
  2. Copy of Business Legality Document according to the type and line of business (e.g. SIUP, SITU, SIUJK) and copy of NPWP
  3. Collateral Funding Documents

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