Tabunganku iB

It is the saving by using the principle of Wadiah Yad Adh Dhamanah where the deposit may be withdrawn at any time.


  1. Providing ease for customers to invest according to Syariah.
  2. Utilizing funds from the customer's savings by investing productively in the form of financing for various types of business from small and medium enterprises to the level of corporate with Islamic principles that Insya Allah blessed.


  1. Secure customer funds
  2. Would be included in the government guarantee program.
  3. Free Monthly administration fee.
  4. Can be used as collateral for the financing or Syariah Bank Jatim reference.
  5. ATM and SMS Banking
  6. Bank can provide a bonus on your deposit
  7. Insya Allah blessing to provide benefits for others.


  1. Fill out the account opening form.
  2. Submit a copy of a valid identity card (KTP / SIM / Passport).
  3. IB Savings Information table:

Minimum Initial Deposit

2. Minimum Next Deposit Rp10.000,00
3. Monthly Fee Bebas Biaya
4. Closing Account Rp20.000,00
5. Minimum Balance Rp20.000,00

For Passife Account (No Transaction in Continous 6 Months) :

-For Balance ≤ Rp20.000,00 the Account Would Be Automatically Closed By System

7. Minimum Withdrawal at The Counter Rp100.000,00

Other Note:

  • One person has only one account, except for parents who also open the account to the children who are still under parents covering.
  • Not allowed to have join account (such as two person in one account) with the status "and / or".
  • Cash withdrawal and transfer transactions over the counter can only be done at the office of the bank where the account is opened.
  • The monthly fee ATM, lost / damaged, reprint fee PIN and ATM transactions should comply with the Bank.

Terms, conditions/for more information about our products, please contact Info Bank Jatim 14044 or visit branch offices Bank Jatim sharia.