high growth potential still, Bank Jatim strengthens network in your own home

Date: 25 june 2014

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Bank Jatim Resmikan 11 KCP Baru 

In recent years East Java became a magnet for various parties for the purpose of investment, many factors behind such things ranging from the micro to the macro economy continues to experience significant growth, which leads to the Gross Regional Domestic Product (GDP) in East Java is able to grow above the mean The average national economy.
This has become one of the considerations for the Bank Jatim to maximize the current focus within a specific business area of East Java given the economic potential is still very large. As a society its Bank of Bank Jatim East Java wants to take more of a role in seizing the market to realize the goal of becoming a Regional Champion in the year 2014, including the implementation of winning business strategies either by expansion of branch network.

Located at the Branch Office Kanigoro Blitar (26/6), CEO of Bank Jatim Hadi Sukrianto symbolically inaugurated 11 new Offices Branch spread in 8 regions Jatim Branch Bank include:

 Kantor Cabang Pembantu   Kantor Cabang Induk  
 1   KCP Kanigoro       KC Blitar
 2  KCP Pasar Atom      KC Utama Surabaya
 3  KCP Royal Plaza      KC Utama Surabaya
 4  KCP Kalibutuh      KC Utama Surabaya
 5  KCP Porong      KC Sidoarjo
 6  KCP Gedangan      KC Sidoarjo
 7  KCP Balongpanggang      KC Gresik
 8  KCP Mantup      KC Lamongan
 9  KCP Galis       KC Pamekasan
 10  KCP Tempursari      KC Lumajang
 11  KCP Karangan      KC Trenggalek

"East Java is still the focus of Bank Jatim in developing the business, in addition to the amount of potential still to be taken, expansion of branch network can get closer to customers, and to strengthen the existence of Bank Jatim East Java," said Hadi.

According to Hadi, the opening of 11 new Branch Office is expected to improve the achievement of the Bank's business Jatim that have been defined. "The target set for 11 business KCP is expected to contribute to the financial performance Bank Jatim, namely in the first year we expect the acquisition of Third Party Funds can reach Rp. 224.23 billion loan portfolio to Rp. 180.24 billion and profit of Rp. 1.11 billion can be achieved "hope Hadi.

The number of operations of the Bank Jatim network until May 2014 was 1102 network mostly in East Java and Jakarta. In addition to increasing the number of office network, other things are also a major focus Bank Jatim in order to construct a superior strategy to become champions in their own region is to develop innovative products and services Bank Jatim, strengthening the IT infrastructure and improving the quality and capacity of competent human resources.

The performance of Bank Jatim in May 2014 compared with the period of May 2013 (Year on Year / YOY) are:
1 The total assets of Rp 39.39 trillion (up 14.89%);
2 Third party funds (deposits) amounted to Rp 32.72 trillion (up 17.32%);
3 credits of Rp 24.05 trillion (up 20.89%);
4 Profit before tax of Rp 687.67 billion (up 33.01%).

Financial ratios Bank Jatim May 2014 period include the Return on Assets (ROA) of 4.50%, net interest margin (NIM) of 7.55%, Operating Expenses Operating Income over (ROA) 63.12%, Return on Equity (ROE) 23.66%, Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR) 73.51% and Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of 21.12%.

By looking at the still large potential in East Java and the efforts to improve the company's performance continues to be built over time, Hadi optimistic Bank Jatim can do and be better in the future. "With the economic conditions of East Java that continue to show growth, we are optimistic that the pace of business continues to evolve Bank Jatim will follow each wheel rotation rate of the economy in East Java, for that we will continue to work to improve the performance as good as possible for the betterment of the company and also the local economy," believes Hadi.