OJK hold bank jatim for indonesia financial literacy

Date: 08 march 2014

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OJK Gandeng Bank Jatim Literasi Keuangan Indonesia
In order to improve knowledge and understanding of the people of Indonesia to the banking and use banking products as required by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Bank Jatim as financial institutions and partners in making the OJK enthusiastic to join the program as well as providing education to the community performed on Mon-Fri (3-7/3). One of the goals of this event is to do education, the introduction of more about banking. As data is collected from OJK for banking financial literacy index in 2013 is at 20.81% of the population of Indonesia. From these data 57.28% using banking products.

It is hoped that in 2015 the financial literacy index increased to 24.64% and 61.36% for banking products. Director of Secondary & Corporate Business Bank Jatim, Djoko Lesmono, has said the co-OJK feel obliged to support the community literacy programs to increase the knowledge level of service banking services. To that end, the Bank Jatim exert Main Branch, Branch Sidoarjo and Malang branch to be succeeded this event. 

"We do not want half-hearted in organizing an event, this is the first task of OJK was entrusted to the Bank Jatim to make financial literacy. So, we implemented a program that is optimal in the third branch of the Bank Jatim within one week. As a result will we convey to OJK. "Said Djoko Lesmono. With the supplied "SiMolek" (Car Education Financial Services) and to take advantage of OJK own ATM Mobil, Bank Jatim OJK around to identify the existence of banking products and in particular the Bank Jatim. 

Some locations are used as a place to socialize and education among others in Surabaya (Balongsari, Benowo, Market Pucang, SD, SMP, SMA TPI Mary, SMAN 15, Junior High School 22, the District Gundi and SDN Amersham), Sidoarjo (Puspa Agro Market Park, SD Hang Tuah 11 Palmares, SDN Morojunut Districts. Krembung, MTsN Telasih Districts. Reinforcement, Junior High School 2 Sedati, TK Dharma Women Sedati KEC, KEC Buncitan SDN. Sedati, SMAN 1 Pull, Sebani Village Districts. Tarik, Senior Districts. Wonoayu and SMAN 1 Wonoayu), and Malang (Office of Public Works, University of Muhammadiyah Malang, BKPM Office, Department of Hygiene and Landscape, University of Kanjuruhan and SD Tekstil). 

Program of events will also be organized to suit the conditions bervariatif and surrounding communities, it is intended that the key message conveyed can be readily accepted by the community. Like for example on the first day of Balongsari, successfully gathered more than 100 people in Central RW Talkshow while holding that citizens can freely ask questions and get answers directly from sources Bank Jatim. 

Other activities carried out in some schools, by conducting various competitions, educational directly given to the teacher and student. Similarly, at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang, students are very impressed with the introduction of the Bank Jatim with OJK. As educated people, many questions asked and answered directly by the staff while introducing Bank Jatim. 

Adiana Revi Silawati as Division Leaders Fund Services & Overseas Bank Jatim said media event used as a means of education and information to the community from various groups in Indonesia to be educated on the financial industry. 

"With the continued development of the financial industry today, it is intended as an educational event for the whole community to be able to follow and understand the developments there," said Revi. 

More Revi adds, "According to the targeted segment, we also introduce products Savings Bank among others Simpeda East Java, Cycle, Rituals and TabunganKu. Besides that offer micro-credit, credit scatter puja and other products of the Bank Jatim as the preferred community, "continued Revi. 

Adjust planned activities performed by location and participants, but according to the main purpose of the activity tree is shared OJK profile brochure, Integrated Financial Consumer service system, posted a video introducing literacy OJK and banking products to provide direct gift in the form of souvenirs Bank Jatim. Each event is held in three cities got appreciation from the community, seen by the high current community antuasiasme queue SiMolek car and Car ATM Bank Jatim, the number of seniors who go directly to a savings account as well as happiness and satisfaction radiating from the faces of the teachers and pupils as photo with after getting briefing from officers of the Bank Jatim. (pr / med)