mobile app sms banking 3366, early stages product & service innovation towards brc bank jatim

Date: 07 january 2014

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After receiving permission from Bank Indonesia to run SMS Banking features using the new source code 3366, Bank Jatim can now develop these features independently because the source code is the property of the new 3366 Bank Jatim alone. In addition to its more complete than the previous version (3388), 3366 SMS Banking Java is increasingly attractive for use because it has been present in the mobile version of the application that is tailored to the development of IT / lifestyle of today's society that has one technological literacy through the use of mobile phones increasingly sophisticated.

By looking at it, of course, SMS Banking Bank Jatim 3366 even easier for customers to conduct all transactions through their mobile phones. SMS Banking Java mobile application version 3366 is now can be downloaded for free at the appropriate operating system mobile phone customers.

Division Leader Funds & Foreign Services Revi Adiana Silawati said, to be able to use SMS Banking application is a customer of Bank Jatim 3366 can directly download the appropriate client mobile operating system for free.

"SMS Banking Java applications can now be run in all operating system mobile phone customers, such as Android users can download Google Playstore, Windows Phone users can get it in store windows, Blackberry World for Blackberry users, Appstore for those who use apple products, and in Java / J2ME for those who are still using java operating system, "said Revi.

Bank Jatim efforts in developing better products and provide comfort and convenience for the customer in the transaction continues to be improved. In addition to SMS Banking in 2014 will also be present flazz Bank Jatim Card is a prepaid card specifically issued to clients and / or non-customers of Bank Jatim that can be used for payment transactions in cooperation with the BCA. It also will present Java Bank Internet Banking, Priority Banking, Development fund transfer feature, EDC, Host to Host and so forth.

With the innovations were attempted enter the Bank Jatim in 2014, shows that the seriousness of the Bank Jatim in improving its service to customers and communities no doubt. Along with the mission in 2014 is that wants to be BPD Regional Champion (BRC), is expected with the product development and innovation further than Bank Jatim increasingly provide convenience for customers and society in general and make Bank Jatim as the Bank develops reasonable, credible, and become a champion in the region in accordance with his mission was. (stamp)