bank jatim wins back in indonesia bank loyalty award 2014

Date: 27 february 2014

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Bank Jatim Raih IBLA 2014

Entering its 10th year in conducting a survey on the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty banking, mutual Insight Magazine MarkPlus Info Bank again held Indonesia Bank Loyalty Award which was held at the Plaza Hotel Jakarta Hotels, Jakarta (26/2). The event is devoted to the Banking Industry in Indonesia aims to promote awareness of the Bank in order to improve the quality of the relationship and partnership to our customers, so as to provide mutual benefit for both the customers as well as users of services for banks in terms of increasing profits. Of the four parameters used in measuring customer loyalty index, such as customer statisfaction (transaction), customer retention (relationship), migration barrier (partnership), and customer enthusiasm (ownership), Bank Jatim awarded the 2014 IBLA for category Savings Account, regional Development Bank. Director of Operations at Bank Jatim, Eko Antono representing management in awarding Night 2014 IBLA expressing gratitude profusely to customers, business partners or the community for the support and trust that has been given so far to the Bank Jatim awarded the IBLA in Year this 2014. "Thank you for the support and trust given to us, this award is a testament to the seriousness of the Bank Jatim in providing the best service to customers, partners and society in general. Our hope this achievement will continue to increase more and better our future" explained Eko. (cap)