Consistency produce Award at the beginning of the year

Date: 25 january 2018

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Located at the Aryaduta Hotel Ballroom, Jakarta. bankjatim started 2018 by receiving a prestigious award, CSR Award from SINDO Weekly News. An appreciation of the consistency of the company in continuing environmental and social responsibility is worthy of being pinned to bankjatim who received the award in the category of Economic Empowerment.

By empowering the economy of the community and the environment around the company, it will also automatically increase the value of the community that has an impact on the company itself. "Graduate Ferdian Timur Satyagraha, Bankjatim Finance Director on the sidelines of the award ceremony.

The appreciation attended by the Village Minister for Disadvantaged and Transmigration Development, Eko Putro Sandjojo and Minister of Cooperatives and MSMEs, AA Gede Ngurah Puspayoga and MNC Group chairman, Hary Tanosoedibyo, gave appreciation to CSR awards for 28 companies that were considered consistent in carrying out corporate social responsibility at 9 different categories.

Keep in mind, during 2017, bankjatim distributed corporate social responsibility in the amount of Rp.12,133,694,779 with 91 programs that were evenly distributed throughout East Java. Has a bankjatim UMKM awards program and bankjatim Peduli and has a 2018 CSR distribution target of Rp. 18 billion more, bankjatim is determined to be a company that is not only socially responsible but also able to empower the community to be better and more beneficial to the surrounding environment