service excellence culture path to go the best bank

Date: 03 july 2014

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Budaya Service Bank Jatim

The development of the banking industry today in showing its existence as a healthy bank and has a good performance is not only measured by financial indicators recorded by the Bank, but have led to improved services to its customers. Improved service excellence is necessary for any bank today if you want to win the market.
The notion of "Customer is the King" is now truly become a value upheld by every bank in its business. So great sense for a bank customer, even just to be able to make the customer feel comfortable and satisfied to be loyal to them then every bank compete in providing the best possible service to every client.
Culture of service excellence so that the application is is a must to be applied to all employees starting from the bottom level to top management in order to deliver Service Excellence to customers. The essence from the implementation of Service Excellence culture is actually very simple, namely to increase customer confidence in the bank, giving satisfaction to customers, keeping the customers remain loyal to the Bank, as well as enhance the Bank's image in the community, which in turn have an impact on the increasing number of customers in the bank so that rate of the Bank's business is going well.
Starting from this background, the Corporate Secretary of Bank Jatim through Sub-Division Service Quality Service Award held two programs namely Champion & Frontliners Branch Service Award.
"We have carried out socialization held at the Central Office as a refreshment to all employees, especially those who deal directly with the Service guards, tellers and customer service in order to improve services to customers in a consistent, among other KPI Cascading socialization Service and Program Service Award to all branches in the hope of motivating to improve performance and provide superior service to customers. In addition it has implemented monitoring and dissemination of service excellence that is centered in Madison Branch, Sampang, Jakarta and Banyuwangi. "Clear Lerem Pundilaras, Acting Chief Sub-Division Service Quality Corporate Secretary.
Once the importance of banking services to achieve maximum performance, it is essential to give more attention to these frontliners in order to improve the quality of their performance and provide rewards to those who excel as an appreciation of the achievements of their company. How important the role of Branch Manager, Field Operations Leader, Assistant Branch Manager to have concern for the services.
Setting standards for service in various aspects of the front liners would also need to be improved over the back of his commitment to support the program towards Service Excellence, both of themselves as standards of appearance, attitude and behavior as well as the standard of other ancillary equipment such as cleanliness, comfort, and completeness equipment in the Banking Hall, toilet, or ATM.
"It is expected the implementation of the cultural program of this service may be implemented as best as possible so that gave rise to The Best Frontliner for the best individual in the implementation of service excellence and Branch Service Branch Champion who meet the criteria for the best in terms of performance, service excellence and customer satisfaction that we created," hope Lerem.
With the determination of the standard of service and individual target setting, the unit is expected to branch application service excellence can be accomplished in accordance with the desired and can bring individuals and branches are predicated The Best in running this program