aid, rescheduling, CSR is a form of vigilance up bank jatim mount kelud to sacrifice

Date: 10 march 2014

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Bank Jatim Partisipasi di Acara Peduli Kelud Bersama BMPD

Bank Jatim as its Community Bank Jatim continues to show concern for the suffering of the victims of the eruption of Mount Kelud some time ago, the Joint Consultative Body Regional Banking (BMPD) East Java, Bank Jatim following the catastrophic events of Mount Kelud Care implemented in Kediri and Malang (8/3). The event was followed by a variety of professional banking throughout East Java is intended to help ease the burden of the victims suffered Mount Kelud to quickly rise after the earthquake hit their area.

As previously announced, the movement concerned about the victims of the Mount Kelud has enabled the Bank Jatim by the Head Office and branches around the affected region that eruption of Mount Kelud Kediri, Pare, Madiun, Blitar and Malang has provided assistance to a total of Rp. 281 338 310 - (two hundred and eighty-one million three hundred and thirty eight thousand three hundred and ten pesos) in the form of food and beverages, clothing, medicine, masks, blankets, cash for equipment sanitation, and bamboo for cattle IDPs. Even at the time the alert status of Mount Kelud from Bank Jatim have on hand to provide assistance for evacuation equipment such as general wc, dipper and bucket.

Director, Operations of the Bank Jatim Eco Antono deliver, their assistance is of concern to the victims of the Bank Jatim Disaster Mount Kelud. "Bank Jatim Caring for the suffering they feel, thanks to the expected to ease the burden of the victims affected by eruptions of Mount Kelud," said Eko.

Eco Antono add, assistance will be given to the victims of the Bank Jatim is not just stop right there because there is still Aid from East Java Bank Account Care Kelud which docked with the community.

"In addition to providing direct assistance, Bank Jatim has also been raising funds from the account of the Bank Jatim Kelud Care for the course is intended to help alleviate the suffering of the victims of Mount Kelud, to date the fund has accumulated a large Rp.84.156.478, - (eighty four million one hundred fifty-six thousand four hundred and seventy-eight rupiah, "said Eko.

Reschedule Credit For Disaster Victims 

The magnitude of the impact of the eruption of Mount Kelud result in a loss of materil atupun non materil in the community, of course, have a direct impact on the rate of development of the banking business of the Bank, especially East Java itself. In the case of natural disasters, of course, the Bank is not able to prevent the loss of post disaster. But the Bank can mitigate risk occurred in coordination with other parties as well as the precise handling that the losses can be minimized.

At Mount Kelud disaster, the Bank Jatim recorded some losses in its debtor, debtor-in other words, the debtor is experiencing constraints in credit restoration provided by the Bank Jatim. For the Bank Jatim do resheduling credit policy solutions that aim to not feel overburdened debtors and credit amortization smooth. Rescheduling is done ongoing improvements among others through scheduling or re-structuring the terms and structure of the debtor credit. And as a form of obligation to the regulator, Bank Jatim has been reported to the Financial Services Authority related to disaster affected debtor Mount Kelud this. 

"In case of a disaster such as this, of course we'll review the steps we will take to the billing credit to borrowers affected by disaster is by application rescheduling so do not feel overburdened debtor. Of course Bank Jatim look and consider many aspects here because it is still in mourning for the disaster environment, we should kepudulianpun an indication of the policy that is right for the disaster affected borrowers, "said Eko. 

In addition to show concern by way of direct assistance to rescheduling credit billing to the victims affected by the disaster, to the next step, the Bank Jatim will execute their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to work with the local Regional Government (Malang, Blitar and Kediri) in helping the Mount Kelud disaster victims. Form of assistance granted as manufacturing clean water supply, livestock barns, as well as seeds and fertilizer for agriculture. It is our commitment to support the creation of the Bank Jatim development, namely the social concern in creating activities that bring positive impact to the community. (pr/med)