Bank Jatim Starts 2023 with the Delivery of Various Assistance CSR bankjatim peduli

Date: 20 january 2023

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PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur, Tbk (bankjatim) continues to make a real contribution to the community to jointly realize prosperity and build a strong economy. For 2 consecutive days, bankjatim handed over 3 Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR) bankjatim care. The forms of CSR include assistance for 1 unit of operational car to the Indonesian Village Devices Association (PPDI) of East Java Province, 1 unit of ambulance car to PMI Bangkalan Regency and assistance in the construction of 19 units of Main Street Lighting (PJU) in the PON Market area of Trenggalek Regency.

  Located in Grahadi State Building Surabaya, Friday (20/01), the assistance of 1 unit of operational car was handed over by Khofifah Indar Parawansa (Governor of East Java) and Busrul Iman (President Director of bankjatim) to Sutoyo M Muslih (Chairman of PPDI East Java). The assistance is expected to meet the needs of facilities and infrastructure to support activities as well as coordination and socialization of PPDI community programs covering 29 (twenty-nine) districts and 1 (one) city in East Java.

  "This operational car is expected to help PPDI operations in coordinating and realizing village programs throughout East Java. We as the Bank of the people of East Java continue to try to contribute positively in the form of CSR as a synergy and collaboration with existing stakeholders. After all, Bank Jatim is not only related to government officials but also with village officials, "Busrul explained.

  Thanks to this assistance PPDI East Java Province has an operational vehicle in coordinating with villages throughout East Java so that it can help realize the achievement of village programs. "Thanks to bankjatim for the assistance of operational vehicles to PPDI. This PPDI network is quite extensive, so the need for communication wheels is important. The form of course varies. There are physical ones such as vehicles and others. This vehicle will continue to follow the movement of PPDI in East Java so that it can serve the community optimally. Hopefully all of this will bring blessings to all. " Khofifah concluded

  On the same day, Friday (20/01), at the Trenggalek Hall, bankjatim cares about providing assistance in the form of construction of 19 units of Main Street Lighting (PJU) in the PON Market area of Trenggalek Regency. The handover was carried out symbolically by Tonny Prasetyo (Pgs. Compliance Director of bankjatim) to H. Mochamad Nur Arifin (Regent of Trenggalek Regency).

  On this occasion, Tonny Prasetyo expressed his gratitude for the support and cooperation that has been established so far between bankjatim and the Trenggalek Regency government. "This assistance is a manifestation that bankjatim is present in the midst of the people of East Java, especially the people of Trenggalek Regency, as well as a form of our synergy with the Regional Government to realize social programs."

 In addition to the construction of street lighting, bankjatim Trenggalek Branch also synergizes with the Trenggalek Regency Regional Finance Agency in terms of payment of Land & Building Tax, namely e-SPPT and also with the Trenggalek Regency Social Service in the form of assistance as many as 100 basic food packages to the people of Trenggalek who are in need.

 Apart from Surabaya City and Trenggalek Regency, bankjatim care also provides assistance to the people of Bangkalan Regency. Located in the Great Hall of Bangkalan Regency, bankjatim cares about giving 1 unit of ambulance to PMI Kab. Bangkalan which was symbolically handed over by Eko Susetyono (Director of Risk Management bankjatim) to Drs. Mohni (Acting Regent of Bangkalan) on Thursday (19/01).

  This assistance is expected to be useful, especially as a means of medical evacuation that is swift and responsive in health services and in the emergency response system. Eko Susetyono said that bankjatim will actively partner with the Bangkalan Regency Government to increase economic growth and develop regional potential. "Hopefully this assistance can be useful, especially for the people of Bangkalan Regency. Not to forget, we also appreciate the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) which until now has been consistent in providing first aid to the community."

  CSR bankjatim Peduli is a form of bankjatim's love and concern for the people of East Java who have given their trust and support to bankjatim. Not only that, bankjatim also constantly innovates by producing a variety of new services to answer the transaction needs of its customers. Some bankjatim services that have proven to be able to provide convenience for the community are QRIS services, Virtual Accounts for payment of local taxes and levies, and the use of JConnect Mobile as an application that is able to facilitate various non-cash payment transactions.