Bank Jatim Launch Credit SiUMI

Date: 17 september 2015

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As a follow up to the government efforts in empowering entrepreneurs micro and small (PUMK) to growing , the government is committed to provide facilities of the business licensing process with the simpler, one of them is shaped cards permission micro small and (IUMK) .

In this regard, bankjatim formally identified product SiUMI ( Siklus Mikro Kecil ) coincides with the opening ceremony plant gress board KWSG in Mojokerto, Thursday  (17/9).

The event also attended by deputy for development and restructuring business, cooperative and SMES ministry Braman Setyo and vice governor east java Saifullah Yusuf.

The publishing cards permission micro small and ( IUMK ) will applies to all areas in Indonesia working with various institutions such as banking , the provincial government / city district. Specifically to east java , the provincial government has a policy to collaborate with bankjatim as a partner banks can serve the PUMK.

In practice, bankjatim will coordinate with the government agency / province / city district / involved in get a borrower potential for training be entrepreneurs better.

“Product SiUMI bankjatim is a product multi function. It can serve as a business permit for business operators micro and small , SiUMI could also serve as an ATM and can be used as access to capital for business operators productive micro and small scale through working capital credit or investment in bankjatim” said president director of the bankjatim R. Soeroso.

As known , so far the offender micro and small enterprises very difficult to get access to capital because of the banks still constrained in business legality, in fact on the side of their business very feasible. With these conditions then the implications business doers of micro and small not defenseless competitiveness can develop their business and become larger.

With the policy from the central government until district in empower the commitment of micro and small enterprises in ease get card business permit this then expected to improve competitiveness them in dealing with Masyarakat Economy ASEAN (MEA).

Soeroso said UMKM is the engine of regional economy. Because of that, need further efforts of various parties can empower the segmentation become better.

”As one of the banks have the same vision and mission advance regional economy, bankjatim have a moral obligation to facilitate and support the government programs by issuing SiMI to help business doers of micro small in business get permission and can support the transaction, holding funds nor credit sector ( access banking services ) other,” clear Soeroso.

It is expected SiUMI products from bankjatim and fully supported by all levels of government from the central government, the province / city district SiUMI / program was able to take an offender of micro and small enterprises in east java can powerless competitiveness and host in our own country when he entered MEA in late 2015.

As a first step implementation SiUMI program in the event bankjatim symbolically also provides SiUMI cards and SPPK credit cycle micro small and ( SiUMI ) to 9 the debtors credit recipients of the umi bankjatim the poor , pamekasan and kepanjen with plafond credit starting from Rp 25 million - Rp 250 million.