bank jatim held town hall meeting in achieving regional champion 2014

Date: 12 may 2014

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Townhall Meeting Bank Jatim
Along with the vision and mission to become the leading bank in the region or BPD Regional Champion in 2014, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (Bank Jatim) held rallies / Town Hall Meeting held at Dyandra Convention Center, Jl. Surabaya Basuki Rachmad (10/5). 

The event was attended by the entire Board of Directors, Division Leader, Branch Manager and all employees and an employee of Bank Jatim from the incumbent manager or supervisor is intended as a moment to appreciate the achievement of the Bank Jatim and the future steps that can be done to promote the business and achieve the vision and mission has been equally determined. 

Director of Bank Jatim Sukrianto Hadi said Bank Jatim nearly 53 years standing and serving the community, during this period had many achievements were successfully obtained. "Nearly 53 years Bank Jatim grow and develop with the community, many accomplishments and achievements have been listed. This should be improved by considering the motivations and strategies set amount of potential still untapped by banks. This is one of the objectives of Bank Jatim held a Town Hall Meeting as a form of management communication with all employees so that all employees understand the policy direction of the management and invite all committed to give the best to reach the target ahead. "Said Hadi. 

Efforts to hold a Town Hall Meeting actually originated from East Java Bank foresight in seeing some opportunities to be able to do more for the nation and the opportunity to be better in the future. Among them are the East Java economy showed better growth than other regions in Indonesia, seen in East Java GDP growth exceeded national growth and internal condition of Bank Jatim which continues to progress from time to time with the innovative products and superior service launched. 

"So much potential to be better at home alone, hence we are confident that the future will be able to grow the Bank Jatim and record achievements better to maximize the opportunities that are still great. With continuously improved the quality of human resources, compliance, accompanied by high integrity, then the goal of becoming a regional champion into something very achievable "said Director of Corporate & Medium Business Bank Jatim, Djoko Lesmono. 

Further Operations Director Bank Jatim Antono Eko added that belief becomes a regional champion would also be accompanied by a strong effort and the high seriousness of the whole line at Bank Jatim to be achieved. "It is important to unify thinking, vision and mission of each line in Bank Jatim to achieve this goal is achieved well. Hopefully with the Town Hall Meeting this determination to achieve a goal that is becoming BPD nearest Regional Champion we can achieve together, among others, a strong institutional resistance, the ability of the agent of regional development and the ability to serve the needs of the people "hope Eko. 

The concept is unique and exciting event by singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya, the show sounds robotic beatbox group, motivational video playback Bank Jatim, dance depicting the joy row infatuated youth from the city of Banyuwangi, East Java, also entertainment steel (Bank Jatim) Band personnel are employees of Bank Jatim who have talents in music and be proud of as part of a show at the Town Hall Meeting this event. Also in this event also introduced the spirit of Bank Jatim, namely "Best For You" and celebrated with a photo contest, yells from all branch offices of Bank Jatim and the lucky draw. 

Sukrianto Hadi said that the concept of this event is designed as a reflection of the dedication, commitment and hard work of the Bank Jatim. "This event is specially made and designed as a show that reflects the dedication, commitment and hard work of the Bank Jatim that has been achieved so far. To that I say, Congratulations and Happy duty work ". said Hadi. (pr / med)