Bank Jatim succeed improve service performance on 2014

Date: 28 june 2014

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The importance of considering the level of service / service provided to customers has become a commonplace in the banking world, because as one of the company engaged in the service, then the service is the key to be able to move the wheels of business for the better.

With excellent service, the Bank was able to gain the trust of its customers to become loyal customers and eventually the bank get one benefit does not need to spend a large budget to communicate its existence because loyal customers who have had to become Bank relationships in recruiting prospective new customers through the power of "word of mouth" is only gained from experience when he gets excellent banking services.

And vice versa, if the Bank put aside the meaning of service is believed to be the growth rate of the Bank can not be maximal. In addition to the difficulty of getting the trust of customers, Bank could be a bad image in the eyes of society.
Motivated by these factors, the Bank is currently competiting to be able to provide excellent service to every customer so that customers can feel safe, comfortable and trusting of the Bank.

Marketing Research Indonesia (MRI) and Infobank Magazine as a research institute that focuses on banks in Indonesia, especially in terms of implementation of Service Excellence, Service Excellence resumed Bank Monitor (BSEM) to assess the quality of the development of the Indonesian banking industry services to individual customers.

The event has been organized to-18 time by MRI has a mission to encourage the banking industry to provide the best service for customers, encouraging banks provide uniform services among its branches, to be able to be an element of a bank's branding expression.

Still using the method of Mystery Shoping assessment, MRI did research to all categories of banking industry in Indonesia is starting from the Commercial Bank Government and Private Commercial Bank, Regional Development Banks, to the Islamic Banks and Sharia Business Unit with aspects ranging assessment of the officer Frontliner, office environment including ATM and toilet, telephone handling, and other banking services such as e-banking, mobile banking, and so forth.

Based on the category and set the assessment aspect, Bank Jatim that is included in the category of Regional Development Bank has earned the overall assessment. Bank Jatim service performance in 2014 increased by 1.53 points (from 71.84% to 73.36%), it is ranked Bank Jatim brought up from the order of the last six years, now occupies the fourth position this year.

"Although it has not been able to come out as the best, Bank Jatim is able to demonstrate progress in terms of service to be able to improve the position and compete in four BPD throughout Indonesia," said Eko Antono Operations Director Bank Jatim.

Further adding Eko Bank Jatim will continue to improve, and always give the best to its customers. "This achievement would certainly be a motivation for us to be better in the future, and of course we hope to improve the position of being the best in the next year as our philosophy is to be the FIRST," Eko Connect.

The evaluation of the service aspects of the Bank Jatim Phone branches including increased sharply jumped 13.09 points (from 60.58% to 73.67%) and customer service rose 5.98 points (from 54.12% to 60.10%). In terms of equipment and comfort banking hall room has reached 100%, in other words perfect.
As already Go Public Bank, Bank Jatim has given more attention in order to continue to improve services menammbah customer loyalty and community. (stamp)