ambulances from bank jatim to dr.iskak tulungagung hospital

Date: 25 june 2013

Categories : CSR

Ambulances From Bank Jatim To Dr.Iskak Tulungagung Hospital 

In order to fulfill health care needs and means of transport for people, especially patients the ER (emergency room) Dr.Iskak Tulungagung Hospital, Bank Jatim through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) donated 1 unit ambulance. These relief is a form of social concern Bank Jatim to the Tulungagung communities and surrounding, especially in the health field.   CSR handover ambulance of Bank Jatim  symbolically carried by Yopie Budi S, PBO Branch Tulungagung to the Regent of Tulungagung Syahri Mulyo, along with the National Awakening Day ceremony on May 20, 2013 which took place at the courtyard local government office Tulungagung. As for the operations performed in hospitals Dr.Iskak premiere on June 20, 2013 during a ceremony in the morning all hospital employees.    The ambulance will be used to complement existing ambulance fleets, but more devoted to transport for ER patients Dr.Iskak Tulungagung Hospital, "Said Yopie.   In addition to providing ambulance, similar CSR program has also been given to the Bank Jatim regency Tulungagung. Hianling including motor cart to transport waste to the Department of Public Works, Gazebo located along the river Ngrowo, and others. (cap)