Successing Genta Capital Market, Bank Jatim Get Award From Indonesia Stock Exchange

Date: 19 november 2014

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Placed in Senayan Jakarta, Wednesday (12/11) has implemented the launching of Gerakan Nasional Cinta Pasar Modal/Genta (the National Movement of Love / Genta Capital Markets) initiated by Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), PT Kliring Penjaminan Efek Indonesia (KPEI), and PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI).

In cooperation with the Association of Capital Market and fully supported by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK), the event was also attended by the state officials such as Vice President Republic of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla, Board of Commissioners OJK Muliaman D Hadad, Chief Executive OJK Nurhaida, and the President Director of Indonesia Stock Exchange Ito Warsito, and also 5066 students from 27 universities in Indonesia participated in this event.

The purpose of the event Genta Capital Markets is to mobilize people to consciously invest in the capital market by providing further education and understanding of the need to invest in the stock market. It is based on the habits of the middle class in Indonesia which is more likely to be consumptive in fulfilling lifestyle.

Through these activities, the community is expected to gain sufficient knowledge to manage their finances to the right way for invest in the stock market through outreach programs and continuing education.

In this event, the Indonesia Stock Exchange also targeting traditional investors so that investors are turning to capital markets to illustrate the advantages of investment in the stock market than other investments, which is expected to increase the welfare of society through the selection of investments in the capital market.

On that occasion bankjatim represented by the Director of Operations Rudie Hardiono awarded the platinum award for the achievement that has been successfully bankjatim get in terms of the success in create new investors in the capital market.

According to Rudie Hardiono during bankjatim always tries to make the program Genta Capital Markets successful through dissemination to investors / new employees who have not invested in the stock market regarding the benefits of investing in the stock market especially in bankjatim stock.

"As one of the emiten on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, bankjatim should successsull in each program include in Genta Capital Markets. In addition to providing education about the stock market, can also promote bankjatim stock which is giving a very high-dividend that supported by the great performance of the company, "said Rudie.

At the deadline for the implementation of this program, bankjatim can opened a securities account as many as 1602 within a period of 4 months and incised achievement quite proud of being one of the two listed companies which won the award of a total of 503 emiten listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

"Our thanks to Bahana Securities and Indonesia Stock Exchange for their help, as well as an appreciation to bankjatim employees in the Head Office, Branch Office also the micro units. Hopefully, this award is a motivation for bankjatim to contribute better in the future, especially in the capital market, " hope Rudie. (iru / pr)