Mutual Support, Bankjatim and UNESA Sign MoU in Business & Academic Fields

Date: 17 may 2023

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SURABAYA - May 17, 2023. In order to increase collaboration in the business and academic fields that have been established so far, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk or Bankjatim together with Surabaya State University (UNESA) signed an MoU on Wednesday (5/17) at the Rectorate Building, Lidah Campus Surabaya.

The MoU signed by Bankjatim President Director Busrul Iman and UNESA Rector Prof. Dr. Nurhasan, M.Kes aims to support mutually beneficial business activities between the two parties. In addition, this MoU is expected to be able to create synergies according to their respective competencies.

From the MoU, bankjatim and UNESA will develop several cooperation plans. Such as the opening and placement of Banking Service Offices and the operation of Service Offices to manage funds, especially at UNESA Lidah Campus. In addition, bankjatim also facilitates credit financing both given to institutions, educators, and education personnel. It is expected that with this cooperation, bankjatim can increase Third Party Funds (DPK), especially outstanding current accounts and savings, and grow outstanding loans, especially Multi Purpose Loans (KMG).

In addition to cooperation in the business field, the MoU can also include cooperation in the academic field, so that bankjatim will support various educational activities. For example, in the form of placement of UNESA students for field work practice and internships throughout the bankjatim office network. Not only that. Bankjatim also provides opportunities for UNESA alumni to develop careers in working at bankjatim as long as they meet the qualification requirements set by bankjatim.

As for now, bankjatim has become one of the banking institutions that cooperate with UNESA in terms of financial management which has an Office Network in the Ketintang UNESA Campus Environment. Students and educators can open an account to pay tuition fees through the bankjatim Cash Office located in the Ketintang campus environment.

Busrul Iman in his speech said, bankjatim as one of East Java BUMD is tasked with supporting the Governor to optimize East Java, bankjatim for East Java, and East Java for bankjatim. "Therefore, we are ready to provide support to UNESA, whether it is in the form of collaboration in IT, payments, and so on. Including in terms of financing", he explained.

Busrul said, in accordance with the direction of the Governor in the Jatim Bangkit program, bankjatim must continue to collaborate and synergize with various parties including UNESA in order to grow education, especially in East Java.

"We see around UNESA is extraordinary. I think this UNESA Campus has international standards. So that the nation's children, especially in East Java, do not need to go far to study abroad but only at UNESA because the facilities and quality are not inferior to foreign countries, "concluded Nurhasan. On this occasion, Nurhasan also said that in this era of uncertainty, collaboration and synergy with various parties are needed to achieve mutual success. Today's MoU is also one of the steps to continue developing UNESA's potentials both in academic and non-academic terms.

According to him, many other banks came here to offer collaboration with UNESA. But only bankjatim is able to provide services and facilities that are quite good so far. "After all we are East Javanese, live in East Java, and work in East Java. So collaboration with bankjatim is an obligation. There are so many projects from us that in the future can be collaborated with bankjatim including the construction of new buildings or projects in the IT field, "Nurhasan explained.