Consistently Improving Corporate Reputation, Bank Jatim Achieves Best Public Relations at the IPRA 2024 Event

Date: 25 january 2024

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JAKARTA, January 25, 2024. Starting the year 2024, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk or bankjatim successfully won a prestigious award in the Indonesia Public Relations Award (IPRA) 2024 organized by Warta Ekonomi. The award that bankjatim managed to get was as Best Public Relations in Corporate Strategy to Increase Credit Distribution Growth for the Regional Bank category. Located at Le Méridien Jakarta, the award was presented by CEO and Chief Editor of Warta Ekonomi Muhamad Ihsan and received by bankjatim's AVP of Corporate Communications Bambang Supriadi on Thursday night (25/1).

President Director of bankjatim Busrul Iman said, the background of the award was given because bankjatim was considered to have carried out the role of public relations very well, especially in building the company's reputation as a bank that has comprehensive products and services so as to be able to channel credit optimally. "This award will certainly further motivate bankjatim to continue to work, providing positive information related to the company's products to the public so that public trust can be built and will have an impact on the company's good reputation and positive business performance," he said.

As for 2023, bankjatim's successful lending was at Rp 54.7 trillion or grew significantly by 18.54% (YoY). Therefore, bankjatim assets also continued to grow throughout 2023 to Rp 103.85 trillion. Bankjatim's highest credit growth occurred in the productive sector (commercial and SME) by 34.28% (YoY) and the consumer sector by 8.91% (YoY).

Recognized by Busrul, the image of bankjatim continues to increase because it always consistently contributes as a driver and driver of the economy. In addition, bankjatim as the main partner of the government also focuses on supporting financial management while providing the best service to customers. "The positive performance achieved by bankjatim certainly makes the company's image even more brilliant, so that our efforts in building public perception have worked well. We hope that bankjatim can continue to contribute positively and provide optimal benefits both in East Java and nationally," said Busrul.

Meanwhile, Muhamad Ihsan said that Indonesia's economic growth amid the challenges and uncertainties of business dynamics is inseparable from the important role of corporate public relations in order to continue to adapt and innovate in the field of corporate relations internally and externally. "In essence, the role of public relations is an important part in maintaining and developing the company's performance to be better and ready to face various challenges in the future," he explained.

Creating Innovative Connections for The Best Reputation was chosen as the theme of IPRA 2024 because the role of public relations is very large for the future of the company in general and also the community in particular for the realization of the best reputation. "As one of the company's competitive advantages, optimal utilization of the company's public relations to the community is expected to improve the company's performance in the future in order to build a better Indonesia," said Muhamad Ihsan.