Increase Performance, Bank Jatim Optimistic Achieve Target

Date: 31 october 2018

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Located on Rooftop 4th floor, the building of PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (bankjatim), carrying out exposure to performance in the third quarter of 2018 (unaudited). Noted during the third quarter of 2018, bankjatim financial performance showed good performance and growth compared to the same period previous year (Year on Year / YoY). Bankjatim assets recorded a growth of 17.81% or Rp. 63.43 trillion and recorded net income of Rp. 1.06 trillion, growing 4.54% (YoY).Bankjatim's Third Party Funds (DPK) recorded a growth of 20.13% (YoY), which amounted to Rp. 52.84 trillion. Deposit growth is dominated by deposits in the amount of Rp. 17.38 trillion or grew by 23.05%. The growth in deposits confirms that public trust in bankjatim continues to increase. For loan growth, bankjatim was able to record growth of Rp. 33.07 trillion or growing 7.74% (YoY). Loan in the consumption sector is the highest contributor of Rp. 21.02 trillion, grew by 10.52% (YoY). The KKPA Bankit Loan Distribution Sector (Loan to Cooperatives for Members) contributed significantly to the growth of 21.08% (YoY)Bankjatim's financial ratio for September 2018 shows a positive trend, including: Return on Equity (ROE) of 20.20%, Net Interest Margin (NIM) of 6.38%, Return on Assets (ROA) 3.38%, Operating Costs compared to Operating Income (BOPO) it was maintained at 64.86% and CASA's bankjatim ratio of 67.11% (for more than 15 years above 65%).With this achievement, bankjatim is optimistic that it will reach the target set at the end of 2018 with asset growth of 8.50%, Loan growth of 10.65%, deposit growth of 10%, and profit growth of 5%.

BankJatim Strategy
Several strategies were carried out in the fourth quarter to reach year-end targets, including:Increasing network status from the Cash Office to a Sub-Branch Office, which aims to increase the likelihood of lending and optimization of services; Market penetration of lending is done by obtaining more information and data on business actors and / or MSMEs through related agencies, as well as increasing lending to cooperatives through the KKPA Bankit Loan scheme which this year contributed quite well to bankjatim performance;Optimizing savings programs with prizes and other attractive promos aimed at increasing deposits. Through the Siklus Bunga Plus savings program that offers prizes directly without draws, also the Giro Plus program with competitive checking services and various benefits and conveniences obtained. bankjatim also targets school-age customers with Simpel savings, which is sufficient to get a good response from the public;The increase in fee-based income has also become Bankjatim's main concern for achieving the year-end target. Until the end of this year, bankjatim will further optimize treasury and bancassurance transactions;Improving information technology-based services through e-samsat services, SP2D Online, mobile banking, SMS banking and internet banking as well as the use of ATM cards connected to GPN are expected to drive good performance growth in 2018.

Bank Jatim Activities
As a form of appreciation for public trust in bankjatim, throughout September to October 2018, bankjatim held the Sparkling Simpeda Lottery Prize in 5 cities / regencies namely Jember, Bangkalan, Jombang, Pacitan, Kediri. Raising the theme "East Java Exoticism", the activity aims to introduce closer the cultural diversity, culinary, and beauty of tourism that East Java has.Sparkling Simpeda Lottery Prizes not only provide entertainment and savings drawings, but in the series of activities also carried out economic outlook, a seminar that discusses, predicts, as well as a means to exchange ideas about changes in economic dynamics that will occur in the future by presenting several figures, economic practitioners, as well as local officials.The series of Sparkling Simpeda 2018 Lottery Prizes will be closed in the city of Surabaya on November 2, 2018 by bringing in the artist of the Capital City of Judika. At the event bankjatim will draw a Grandprize Prize of Rp. 500 million for bankjatim loyal customers.

Overview of bankjatim
is a Commercial Bank headquartered in Surabaya and has networks throughout East Java, DKI Jakarta and Batam City. Founded August 17th, 1961, with a legal entity Regional Company (PD), in 1976, bankjatim changed its status to a Regional Owned Enterprise (BUMD). And since July 2012 bankjatim has conducted an Initial Public Offering (IPO) that has made Bankjatim one of the Regional Development Banks that have been listed (Tbk.) As of September 2018, Bankjatim has a total service

As of September 2018 bankjatim has a total of 1,652 services, both conventional and sharia services. In addition to the latest collaboration with the ATM Bersama network and the Prima network (including Prima Debit), bankjatim has joined the National Payment Gate (GPN), which means that bankjatim ATM cards can be used at all ATMs and merchants in Indonesia with the ATM Bersama, Prima and GPN is free of charge.

Various awards have been received by bankjatim until October 2018, including:

    Indonesia 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Award II (ICSRA II 2018) from Sindo Weekly;
    TOP of the Best BUMD 2018 from Business News;
    TOP The Best CEO of BUMD 2018 from Business News;
    Indonesia TOP 100 Most Valuable Brands from SWA
    Silver Award for Owned Media Website Subcategory from PR Indonesia;
    Corporate Image Award in the Regional Bank category from Tempo Group;
    Excellent Banking Service ranked 1 Mobile Banking from Infobank;
    Indonesia Banking Award category The Most Reliable Bank BPD asset category> Rp. 30 Trillion from Tempo Group;
    Corporate Secretary Award in the Top 10 GCG Issues category in Banking Sector from Warta Ekonomi