Increase GCG Value, Bank Jatim Organizes Executive Summit 2023

Date: 16 september 2023

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YOGYAKARTA, September 16, 2023. In order to increase the value of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) or good corporate governance, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (bankjatim) held an Executive Summit 2023 in Yogyakarta on Saturday (17/9). The activity which was filled by speakers from the President Director of PT Ratama Mitra Kualitas Hermansyah and President Director of LPPI as well as Independent Commissioner of PT bank Mandiri (Persero) Heru Kristiyana was attended by all bankjatim commissioners and bankjatim directors.

The President Director of bankjatim Busrul Iman explained in his speech, as of June 2023 the achievement of bankjatim's governance value was at a composite value of 2 (good). "Therefore, strategic steps are needed to be taken so that the value achieved can be increased to composite 1 (very good). Because, the value of bank governance can reflect the success of the bank itself," he explained.

As for the implementation of the principles of good corporate governance is the foundation for the formation of systems, structures and corporate culture that are flexible and adaptive to changes in the competitive business environment and able to build a reliable internal control and risk management system. In addition, the implementation of good corporate governance is also believed to be able to strengthen the company's competitive position on an ongoing basis, manage resources and risks more efficiently and effectively, and can increase corporate value and investor confidence.

In addition to sharing sessions related to ISO 37001 :2016 on Anti-Bribery Management System and Governance Implementation, the event also saw the signing of an Integrity Pact. "Hopefully with the signature of the commitment that is affixed can be a step and a new spirit that we transmit to all Jatimers in all work units bankjatim so that the implementation of good corporate governance can be implemented," said Busrul.

Bankjatim President Commissioner Suprajarto also added, the Executive Summit activity is an annual agenda devoted to the Board of Commissioners and Directors of bankjatim. The hope is that by organizing these activities, it can add insight related to good governance exposure and increase the effectiveness of bankjatim management according to their respective roles and functions in the governance structure as stipulated in POJK 55 / POJK.03 / 2016 concerning Implementation of Governance for Commercial Banks.

According to him again, the commitment of BoC and BoD in efforts to implement and achieve governance strategies is the main key to the implementation of GCG practices at all levels of the bankjatim organization so that the GCG composite value can achieve what we expect, namely with the predicate Very Good. "With the spirit of improvement, then of course the Executive Summit within the Top Management is expected to be a trigger for all Jatimers so that in carrying out their duties and responsibilities are always in the corridor of good governance. So that the growth of bankjatim's financial / business performance is also followed by good and healthy corporate conditions which will directly impact on increasing the value of bankjatim in corporate image, "said Suprajarto.