Improve Services for Civil Servants, Pemkab Sumenep cooperates with Bank Jatim to launch a Smart ID Card

Date: 11 may 2018

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Located in the Regency Hall, Regency Government (Pemkab) Sumenep launched a Smart ID Card program for the state civil apparatus (ASN). Launching, which was attended directly by the Head of the National Civil Service Agency of the Republic of Indonesia Bima Haria Wibisana, Regent of Sumenep A Busyro Karim, Director of Risk Management bankjatim Rizyana Mirda along with SKPD in Sumenep district.

In this program, the Sumenep district government collaborated with bankjatim through the Sumenep branch office to implement it. Until now, bankjatim has printed 7,777 Smart ID Cards for ASNs in Sumenep Regency and for ASN in the Sumenep islands facilitated by BRI.

"The application of the Smart ID Card is for improving ASN discipline, increasing the ease of access and service of personnel administration, as well as banking functions", said A Busyro Karim

In addition to the Smart ID Card function as identification, the Smart ID Card also functions as a data profile and PNS personnel administration services, attendance, and banking functions. This Banking function is like an automatic teller card (ATM). Smart ID Card users can use it when trading at an ATM machine. Including, in the future the Smart ID Card will be a discount card at merchants who have collaborated to also function as electronic money.

Risk Management Director bankjatim Rizyana Mirda said, "We express our gratitude for the trust of the Sumenep Regency Government towards bankjatim, our hope, we can serve the entire East Java region" said Rizyana Mirda directly to the Regent of Sumenep.

Head of BKN Center Bima Haria Wibisana said that the Smart ID Card program was the first in East Java. It is ready to support and help the entire BKD program in East Java. This is a demonstration, what has been done in Sumenep to be followed by other districts, "he said.