End of Year, Bank Jatim Get National Award

Date: 22 december 2015

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Step on the end of 2015, bankjatim successfully achieved appreciation in "The Winner Indonesia Award 2015" categories of "As The Most Favourite Loan Mortgage With Variable Product Of The Year". President Director of bankjatim, R. Soeroso attending the event  to receive the award at the Santika Surabaya Hotel (18/12).

The Winner Indonesia Award 2015” given by Pusat Rekor Indonesia dan Majalah Penghargaan Indonesia to company and individuals who have the capability to perform a significant change to the acceleration of economic progress in Indonesia. This program is expected to be a "Center of Excellence" where the development of Human Resources (HR) is a priority in order to ensure the continuity of the company and its business success in the tight competition and rapid change.

This program is also a "Research-Based" or based on the premise that the concept is based on monitoring results are structured and professional. The research’s result is expected to get highly valuable for the development of concepts and practices that will boost the competitiveness of nations and companies in Indonesia. Therefore, the assessment of acquisition awards conducted by independent external surveys that is credible and trustworthy.

In the event, President Director of bank jatim, R. Soeroso expressed his appreciation for the award.

“Alhamdulillah, tonight we get a version of the award category of "As The Most Favourite Loan Mortgage With Variable Product Of The Year”. This assessment comes from external of bankjatim so it should to be appreciated that we were always working to provide performance and services continues to increase in the future. “For us, it is a commitment to keep constantly strive address community needs with product innovation as well as other services "said R. Soeroso.