Bank Jatim Jazz Traffic Festival 2014 - from The Draw Until Appears The New Spirit

Date: 26 november 2014

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Raisa mengundi Hadiah Grand Prize Tabungan Simpeda Bank Jatim Pemenang Hadiah Simpeda Bank Jatim Wilayah Surabaya

Event bankjatim Traffic Jazz Festival 2014 has just held (22.23 / 11) ago, also used bankjatim to carry out another procession which also has significance for bankjatim, customers, or the public East Java.

In the midst of excitement JTF 2014 at the main stage area parking Grand City convex, bankjatim as the organizer of this event is also held the launch of a new tagline and draw the grandprize Savings Simpeda bankjatim that is 1 Toyota Fortuner.

As previously known bankjatim using the tagline "Bersama Kami, Berkembang Pasti" in every business activity or branding image,but in line with the change in time
and purpose, then coincide at this event, bankjatim officially introduced the new tagline "Yang Terbaik Untuk Anda".

Launching Tagline Baru Bank Jatim"Event JTF is the right moment for bankjatim to introduce a new tagline that is " yang terbaik untuk anda " with a new tagline is expected to bring a new spirit, so bankjatim kept competitive and able to provide the best results for all, as well as the best offering from bankjatim in this event, "said Hadi when giving a speech at the event JTF.

After the launch of the new tagline, drawing grandprize Simpeda savings were made by the beautiful singer Raisa, who was appointed as the person who pushed the button the draw. Then selected Anton Sugiat, that is customers from bank jatim Main Branch Surabaya with lucky draw number D00104815 as lucky customers get grandprize savings bankjatim 2014 Simpeda.

"We would like thanks to customers and East Java community in general for their trust to use the products and services bankjatim, one of which is Simpeda Savings, hopefully with what we have watched today increasingly growing desire to save in the community, "Said Hadi.

With the stipulation of customer Main Branch as the winner grandprize, then the Gemerlap Savings Simpeda bankjatim 2014, the overall have been completed.(cap)