bank jatim accept bank NTT comparative study on risk management and compliance

Date: 28 february 2014

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As already Intermediation Institutions should implement the Bank's Risk Management and Compliance functions well in every joint business. No exception Bank Jatim, as a devout and committed bank in running a business based on the principles of good corporate governance on an ongoing basis so pay attention to risk management and the Compliance function properly. This is the focus and purpose of the Bank NTT paid a visit to the Bank Jatim, namely in order to study the application of Appeals Risk Management and Compliance. The event was held in the Head Office of Bank Jatim Arjuna Jl. Surabaya Basuki Rahmat 98-104 (26.27 / 02) was attended by the Director of Compliance Bank NTT Tomy J. Ndolu along with representatives of the Division of Risk Management and Compliance Bank NTT. While the Bank Jatim who received a visit from NTT Bank is Bank Jatim Compliance Director Rudie Hardiono along Su'udi Risk Management Division Leader and Leader of the Compliance Division Wuryanto Budi Basuki. Compliance Director Rudie Hardiono said Bank Jatim East Java Bank welcomes Appeal studies conducted by NTT Bank Risk Management and Compliance related to this. "We are very open and welcomed Bank NTT aims and objectives to the Bank Jatim, especially in the case of comparative studies and Compliance Risk Management," said Rudi. "Fellow ought banking we share information in terms of risk management or compliance in order to apply the good work culture and in accordance with good corporate governance as well as to maintain public confidence," Rudie Connect. The application of the Risk Management and Compliance at Bank Jatim itself is set in the Implementation Manual which has been adapted to the latest developments and regulations issued by the banking authorities. (cap)