bank jatim targeting settlement and business sectors

Date: 30 june 2010

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To get closer to the community, the Bank Jatim opened a new branch in Jl.  HR Muhammad No. 149-A Surabaya. A branch office was inaugurated by the Provincial Secretary East Java Rasiyo, on June 30, 2010 was the 39th bank Jatim branch operating in East Java.

The opening of a branch in the HR Muhammad as an attempt to approach the  customer. Moreover, in the area of West Surabaya's development as a residential and business area quite rapidly, so we need banking services,  said Sjamsul Arifin as Marketing Director Bank Jatim   .

As the bank of people's East Java, Bank Jatim will continue to add to the network services. During 2010, the Bank Jatim plans to open 19 branches, 15 cash offices, 20  payment points , 52 ATMs, 8  counters , cash and 10 cars. "Including service  call center,  Info Bank Jatim with number  14044  which was unveiled in conjunction with the opening of branches of HR Muhammad, "obvious Sjamsul Arifin.

Although the opening is conventional branches, Sjamsul Arifin said, here also can serve Islamic banking system  channeling . and, if the current Bank Jatim branch of sharia new one, others served by sharia unit.

On that occasion, Sjamsul Arifin gives an overview of the performance of Bank Jatim until May 2010. According to him, the acquisition of third party funds of the Society has reached about Rp 17.824 trillion and Credit Expansion has reached about Rp 11.324 trillion with the ratio of  loan to deposit ratio  (LDR) of 64.99% and  non-performing loans  (NPL) Nett 0.11%.

He added that in 2010, Bank Jatim loan growth target of Rp 12.6 trillion or about 25%. Syamsul Arifin optimistic that the target can be achieved, due to May 2010, the outstanding loans of Rp 11.324 trillion.

We hope, with the introduction of Java Branch Office HR Muhammad will increase and improve the performance of the Bank Jatim in the future, "Sjamsul Arifin added. ( BJ-Online )