Bank Jatim sharia kediri branch care about education

Date: 30 april 2014

Categories : CSR

Bank Jatim Cabang Syariah Kediri Peduli Kesehatan
As a form of concern for community, social, and environment after the eruption that hit Kelud Kediri and surrounding area some time ago, which resulted in many losses in various fields. Bank through the Bank Jatim East Java Kediri Islamic branch donated building materials to MTsN Puncu Kediri district on Jl. Pare-Wates km 6 Sidomulyo Puncu Kediri (25/3). 

Assistance is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Bank Jatim in the education field, is intended to help MTsN Puncu in repair of school buildings damaged by the eruption of Mount Kelud some time ago. 

It is expected that CSR assistance provided by the Bank Jatim Kediri Branch Sharia to MTsN Puncu Kediri can ease the suffering of the people of Kediri, especially for teachers and students in order to proceed with the normal teaching and learning activities. (cap)