bank jatim achieve best company for leadership corporate social responsibility indonesia.

Date: 01 march 2014

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Bank Jatim Raih IAIR Award
Along with the goals to be achieved in 2014 which became BPD Regional Champion, Bank Jatim precisely demonstrate remarkable achievement in international level by winning IAIR Award in Hong Kong (28/2). Located at the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers, an event organized by the magazine IAIR i.e. one reliable magazine that focuses on the global economy and the sustainability of the Bank Jatim set as Best Company for Leadership of Corporate Social Responsibility in Indonesia. IAIR Award focuses on the Global Economy and Sustainability, especially in the category of Green Economy, Alternative Investments, Business Opportunities, Global Corporate excellences, FX, and Commodities ETFs, Law, Asset Management, Family Office and Wealth Management, Philanthropy, Private Equity, Real Estate and Property , and Succession Planning and Family Businesses. The IAIR Award is a global roadshow held in financial centers such as Hong Kong's most strategic, Dubai, London, Sao Paulo, Milan and New York. Present directly in accepting the Award, Director of Bank Jatim Sukrianto Hadi expressed his pride on the achievement accomplished by Bank Jatim. "The achievements that have been achieved at the level of the International Bank Jatim this is something that is very proud of, it is very important for us when we are focused to meet in 2014 to BPD Regional Champion award we get it exceeded our expectations, this is certainly a pride for us, "said Hadi. Furthermore Hadi said, the election of Bank Jatim as one of the award-winning IAIR also useful to introduce and develop business to a level that is much broader and globally and is known by investors. "This is very important for the Bank Jatim in terms of attracting investors at a broader level, the prestige of the magazine IAIR globalized economy in the world then this is a good start to introduce the Bank Jatim that has to Go Public by July 2012," added Hadi. What Hadi delivered quite reasonable, because in addition to circulation that reaches readers IAIR among business leaders and decision makers in the financial community and the entire world economy, IAIR is a reference for the world economy because it is also present in the mobile application version to the site. This award is certainly a very proud and profitable for Bank Jatim in developing business in the future. With the award she won the Best Company for Leadership of Corporate Social Responsibility by the Bank Jatim Indonesia, the Bank Jatim has aligned with other world companies. (cap)