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Date: 17 february 2014

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Bank Jatim Peduli Kelud

Disaster seemed never stop shadowing this country, ranging from landslides, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions left turns coming grief. Not to be lost diingatan us how powerful the floods in Jakarta and Manado, as well as the eruption of Mount Sinabung in northern Sumatra that resulted in the loss of many possessions side even soul, our attention is now being forced to witness the forces of nature in a series of other disasters in the east of the island of Java.

Is capable of mountain kelud our attention to the volcanic ash eruption and the impact that cover almost half the region of East Java and Central Java. Nature gives us a lesson for how to respond to life not only for yourself, but to share and respect fellow nature itself as we live we should not keep our disposal. Start with yourself if we are not able to invite other people to change, and start from small things if we are not able to provide large.

Caring Kelud Bank Jatim, East Java Bank is a concern in corporate to victims of natural disasters kelud eruption. Let's set aside some sustenance us to help our brothers victims kelud mountain through bank accounts Cares Java Kelud: 0013977771

They are our brothers, our helping hand is hope for them. (stamp)