bank jatim optimistic good performance in 2013, rises in 2014

Date: 27 march 2014

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RUPS Bank Jatim Tahun Buku 2013
Bank Jatim closes 2013 with good performance in various financial sectors, the Management Company's exposure conducted at the General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) for Fiscal Year 2013, which was conducted in Isyana Ballroom - Hotel Bumi Surabaya, Jl. Basuki Rachmat 106-128 Surabaya (26/3), seen some financial indicators Bank Jatim showed growth from the previous year. 

Director of Bank Jatim Sukrianto Hadi said the achievement of good performance has been recorded by the Bank Jatim in 2013, can not be separated by the confidence of all parties to be given during the Bank Jatim. 

"Bank Jatim confidence grow and grow with the community, shareholders, stakeholders, and customers, it means either that the achievement has been the Bank Jatim in 2013 please register at the last Bank Jatim is a form of accountability for the trust that has been given all parties over the years, hopefully better performance we can continue to improve on, "Obviously Hadi. 

The Bank Jatim performance indicators are in good value during fiscal year 2013 include total assets rose to Rp. 33.05 trillion or grew 13.51% (YoY), Loans rose to Rp.22, 08 trillion or grew by 19.01% (YoY), deposits reached Rp. 25.98 Trillion grew by 17.01% (YoY), as well as an increase in net income to Rp. 824, 31 Billion grew by 13.75% compared to the same period in the previous year (YoY).

In terms of financial ratios Bank Jatim are at a healthy predicate with Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of 23.72%, non-performing loan (NPL) of 3.44%, Return on Assets (ROA) 3.82%, 70.28% ROA , Net Interest Margin (NIM) 7.14%, Return on Equity (ROE) 19.04%, and the loan to deposit ratio (LDR) 84.98%. From the financial ratios, compared to some other bank equal and that have gone public, Bank Jatim is in the first rank for ROA, LDR and CAR, while Bank Jatim ROA ratios are in the second rank and the Bank Jatim ROE and NIM stood third. It shows excellent performance of Bank Jatim in 2013.

For a dividend to shareholders, Bank Jatim provide a high dividend yield to public shareholders in the amount of 8.9%. While the percentage of dividends divided by net income for fiscal year 2013 was 73.5%, which is distributed to all shareholders.

"To continue to improve the performance to be better in the future, Bank Jatim continues to make improvements and innovative buzz-buzz in all sectors, with business planning and to see the business opportunities that the strategic future sought into BPD Bank Jatim Regional Champion in 2014," continued Hadi.

The Bank Jatim for Business Plans in 2014 include, Bank Jatim Third Party Fund Raising targeting increased 24.88%, 25.51% rise Lending, total assets increased by 18.96%, and profit before tax rose by 17.62%.

As for the operational network, in 2014 Bank Jatim plans to increase the number of networks include the establishment of new networks and / or improvement of the status of, among others, the establishment of Sharia Branch 3, the establishment of Sharia 5 Branch, Branch 35 Conventional establishment, the establishment of 20 Cash Office, the establishment of 16 Payment Point, opening 125 ATMs, opening 2 CDM, 1 Counter opening, the opening 3 Mobile Cash.

Besides, in terms of products and services, Bank Jatim will continue to develop products and services for the better and provide ease and convenience for customers bertansaksi, among others, Bank Jatim will launch Internet banking (i-banking), the development features of EDC, Fire BCA, implementation of virtual accounts, implementation of e-Money with Telco, Priority Banking services, preparation Chip Card Migration, H2H (Host to Host) taps & RS, Cycle Savings Bank Jatim development, the development of EDI connections to all Branches of Foreign Exchange Dealing Room, as well as agents Seller Mutual Fund. (pr/med)