Bank Jatim Jazz Traffic Festival 2014 - Is an The Best Offerings From Bank Jatim

Date: 24 november 2014

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Penampilan Tulus du Bank Jatim JTF 2014

Succeed Conducting Jazz Traffic Festival 2014, held at the Grand City Mall Surabaya November 22 to 23 ago,gives the impression and own story to bankjatim.

Not only able to entertain of jazz music lovers with performances from famous artists who are already familiar in Indonesian Jazz from the senior level to the other talented
young jazz musicians, bankjatim also able to create a new story  in these annual jazz event.

In contrast to previous years, the bankjatim Jazz Traffic Festival 2014 for the first time bankjatim in collaboration with Radio Suara Surabaya able to give more satisfaction for jazz music lovers in East Java especially Surabaya and surrounding areas with held the JTF for two consecutive days.

By using 3-stage and with the performances of at least 42 artists as well as the interesting venue arrangement increased the enthusiasm audience who attended,this proved to be more than 16,000 tickets were sold out before the event starts.

President Director of bankjatim Hadi Sukrianto said,bankjatim JTF 2014 is one form of bankjatim appreciation to the customers for their trust using products and services bankjatim during this time, as well as the effort to get closer to the whole society

"As a Regional Development Bank, bankjatim always motivated to making a new breakthrough which ultimately brought bankjatim increasingly competitive both in terms of the variety products and services to all segments of society,one of them through this events,"said Hadi.

The appearance of the artists that were presented on bankjatim Traffic Jazz Festival able to amaze the audience in attendance, ranging from the first day of the action stage Tompi who performed with Prof. Tjoet Nyak Deviana Daudsjah by his stage name Dr. and The Professor, a senior musician Fariz RM are still flexible in playing his guitar and brought the audience to reminisce with all songs flagship, until appearance of other musicians such as Tulus, Petra, Hivi !, and Yovie n Nuno successfully satisfying jazz lovers Surabaya and surrounding areas.

Penampilan Gugun Blues Shelter di Bank Jatim JTF

Excitement of bankjatim JTF increasingly reached the peak on second days, with the appearance of a more exciting musicians like Raisa, Afgan, the duo Indra Lesmana
and Dewa Budjana (ILDB), Syaharani, Mus Mujiono, BLP, Gugun Blues Shelter, Krakatau Reunion, and others.

As expected before the attention of the audience on the second day bankjatim JTF 2014 focused on two appearance of young singer who are currently popular they are Raisa and Afgan.

Penampilan Raisa di Bank Jatim Jazz Traffic 2014Penampilan Afgan di Bank Jatim JTF 2014

The music and the melodious sound of the beautiful singer Raisa, and energetic action stage from Afgan increasingly entertaining audiences who crowded the stage.

While the action stage ILDB, Syaharani, Mus Mujiono, and Krakatau Reunion also able to amaze the audience in the beautiful jazz they play. Especially for Krakatau who had long not appeared in event jazz, for the first time after vacuum 20 years ago, in bankjatim JTF 2014 they do sweet comeback with carrying the name Krakatau 'Reunion'. With the formation of Indra Lesmana, Dwiki Darmawan, Pra Budi Dharma, Donny Suhendra, as well as the a phenomenal vocalist Trie Utami their appearance still able to entertain their loyal fans.

After the event Hadi Sukrianto says, bankjatim Jazz Traffic Festival 2014 is an the best offerings from bankjatim for all, "May the appreciation that we realized, can entertain customers and the community at large," he hoped.(cap)