Bank Jatim give aid to 150 children's mass circumcision pasuruan

Date: 04 june 2014

Categories : CSR

Bank Jatim Membantu Khitan Massal 150 Anak Kab. Pasuruan

Bank Jatmi again showed concern for the health sector, through the Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility program of mass circumcision Java provides assistance to 150 underprivileged children in Pasuruan. The event, which coincides with the commemoration of the Unity Movement 4th PKK was held in the grounds of the mosque Hospital Bangkil Pasuruan (22/4). 

The purpose of this activity is to be able to ease the burden of poor families to circumcise their children, as well as to provide motivation to the community about the importance of healthy living. 

The forms of assistance provided by the Bank Jatim is a circumcision help transport participants, honoraria medical personnel, equipment circumcision, medicines, as well as the provision of gloves, koko and skull cap to 159 children. (cs)