ambulances of the bank jatim for the elderly transportation

Date: 10 may 2013

Categories : CSR

Ambulances of the Bank Jatim for the Elderly Transportation  Bank Jatim again provide assistance an ambulance unit through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This time it was given to the East Java Provincial Social Service to improve health services in particular and as a means of transportation for the elderly (seniors). A similar assistance previously granted to the hospital last was Banyuwangi, Lamongan, Malang and Tulungagung.   These relief as a form of awareness and social responsibility Bank Jatim to the East Java community as a whole in the health field. The plan, Nissan Evalia ambulance 1.5CV M / T for Rp 203.45 million to the East Java Provincial Social Service to improve services to the elderly who are in nursing (UPT Elderly Social Services) Jombang.   Ambulance attendance for the elderly is very useful to drive to the hospital if you need treatment. Before there was an ambulance, the inhabitants when sick had to be transported by rickshaw to the hospital. Or, if there has been home residents who died delivered by using traditional means of transportation such as a stroller so the more costly and inefficient. Moreover, the the distance homes to the public cemetery far enough. Now, with the ambulance for the transport a better contribution from Bank Jatim, the problem of transportation for the elderly can be resolved.    By using this ambulance anyway UPT Social Services Elderly Hospital Jombang appoint to handle the care of the elderly who are sick with a range of services covering Jombang, Kediri and Lamongan. Currently Jombang Social Services Unit has a capacity of 155 clients with details of who was in UPT Social Services Elderly Jombang occupied (70), Unit of Social Services Elderly Pare (85) and the Social Services Unit Elderly Pasuruan in Lamongan (55).   Most of the elderly who inhabit parlors have no family anymore, so they included people displaced. If they have a family of their most families are the ones who are less capable so it can not bear the cost. (adm)