Adding to the Beauty of Probolinggo City, Bank Jatim Submit CSR Revitalization Clock Tower

Date: 26 april 2024

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PROBOLINGGO, April 26, 2024. As a form of corporate concern for the surrounding environment, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (bankjatim) continues to distribute various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assistance in areas throughout East Java. Most recently, the issuer with the BJTM code has provided CSR assistance in the form of revitalization of the tower clock to the Probolinggo City Government. Located in the Probolinggo City Government Command Center Room, the CSR handover was symbolically carried out by bankjatim Corporate Communications AVP Bambang Supriadi to Pj. Mayor of Probolinggo Nurkholis on Friday (26/4).

President Director of bankjatim Busrul Iman explained, bankjatim which is the bank of the people of East Java is not only focused on increasing its business, but also pursuing value or value that is beneficial to the community. One of them is through bankjatim CSR known as Bank Jatim Peduli. "It is an obligation for us to always synergize to build and encourage an area in East Java so that it can continue to be an area that has a good level of service," he said.

According to Busrul, assistance in the form of revitalization of the Probolinggo City Clock Tower is a manifestation of the company's love and concern for the people of Probolinggo who have given their trust and support to bankjatim in developing business. Busrul said, with the tower clock will certainly add to the beauty of Probolinggo City so that it is expected to be a new attraction for investors, business people, and the local community.

"Well, if a lot of investment into Probolinggo, it will realize economic independence. In essence, we always want to strive to improve banking services in various sides. Including from this CSR side. Therefore, we hope that what bankjatim does can be useful for the community. And we also hope that bankjatim's cooperation with the Probolinggo City Government can continue to grow again in order to support the improvement of the regional economy, "said Busrul.

In response, Pj. Mayor of Probolinggo Nurkholis expressed his deepest gratitude to bankjatim for the synergy that has been established so far in supporting government programs. "Hopefully this cooperation will continue and can bring blessings to all," he concluded.