100 cone tent for street vendors nganjuk

Date: 09 april 2013

Categories : CSR, CSR

bank jatim support cone tent for street vendors nganjuk EXISTENCE Merchant Street Markets (street vendors) actually has a contribution in moving the economy, especially in the Nganjuk. However, if viewed from the perspective of spatial, often not well-ordered existence. Not infrequently arrangement street vendors invites social conflicts that led to the loss of community. On the one hand, the district government trying to implement development refers to the spatial plan, but on the other side the traders need the location to ensure the smooth running of their business.   The problem was finally solved when the Bank Jatim through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to provide assistance conical tents to street vendors. Giving tent of 100 units with a total value of USD 195 million was given to street vendors who sell a variety of foods and others in Nganjuk. For example, there is a cake seller, the seller pulses, fruit merchant, chicken noodle merchant, souvenir merchants, fried and/or rice traders, servicing stoves, accessories traders, merchants meatballs, traders kreco, roasted corn, toast etc.   The presence of the tents Bank Jatim's support, in addition to beautify the beauty of the city, the merchants can also sell calmly. In the end luck was smooth. lkar / mus