Transaksi Remittance

Is a service from Bank Jatim for sending funds in foreign currencies at home and abroad.  This service makes it easy for you to transact with business partners and your family abroad.

  • Advantage Features for Customers
    • Transaction Access
      Transactions can be done through branch offices and sub-branch offices of Bank Jatim throughout East Java, Jakarta and Batam.
    • Multiple Currency Options
      Serving funds transfer in currencies :
      • USD
      • EUR
      • GBP
      • SGD
      • HKD
      • JPY
      • CNY
    • Extensive Cooperation
      Bank Jatim works enabling customers to transfer funds to various countries with the same as correspondent banks in various countries that are fast and safe.
    • Competitive Rates
      The rates of Bank Jatim Remittance transactions are competitive because they are supported by cooperation with correspondent banks in various currencies.
    • Supported by SWIFT Telecommunications
      Bank Jatim uses the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) telecommunications network, which enables the sending of funds in foreign currencies quickly, safely and reliably to various countries throughout the world.
  • Bank Jatim Remittance Service Users
    • Expatriates who work in Indonesia for the purpose of sending money to their families Indonesian
    • Migrant Workers
    • Parents to their children who are studying abroad
    • Overseas travel
    • Companies that have operations abroad (for payment of salaries, vendor payments, other services)
    • Exporters and importers for international trade transactions
  • Bank Jatim Remittance Service Mechanism
    • Visit the nearest Bank Jatim Branch Office and Sub-Branch Office
    • Fill in the money transfer application form
    • Based on PBI No.18 / 18 / PBI / 2016 and PBI No.18/10 / PBI / 2016
      • For sending funds above eqv USD 25,000.00 with rupiah funding sources, customers should submit underlying transaction / supporting documents and NPWP;
      • For foreign currency fund transfers above USD 100,000.00 eqv using the same foreign currency, it is required to submit underlying transaction / supporting documents and NPWP
Bank Jatim Remittance Service Users