SiUMI Loan

To increase economy productive sector, especially via Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Bank Jatim launch SiUMI (Siklus Mikro Kecil) Program. This Program is bundling from Tabungan SiUMI dan Kredit SiUMI.

SiUMI program intends for Small Micro Enterprise Doer (PUMK) who has had a Small Micro License (IUMK) released by the local government. PUMK can open SiUMI Savings equipped with a SiUMI ATM card. Furthermore, the SiUMI ATM card can access Bank Jatim banking services such as loans and other banking services.

Sector Financed

All productive enterprise which recognized proper, based on the principles of the health banking and credit, include :

  • Trading Business
  • Industrial Business
  • Agriculture / horticulture / fishery / livestock Business
  • Service Business

Term & Conditions

  • Business has occurred at least 1 years
  • Has not overdue credit of the bank as well as non-bank financial institutions (SID)
  • Has been a customer savings and has a SiUMI card
  • Credit for business development in the agribusiness field, must submit :
    1. Proof of land ownership if the land is your own;
    2. Rental agreement that known the local village head if the land is not your own

Interest Rate

  • Low, competitive, and attractive interest rate


  • Up to Rp50.000.000,- (fifty million rupiah) per debtor

Time Period

  • Working Capital Credit maximum is 4 years
  • Investment Credit maximum is 5 years that possible given a grace period of no longer than 6 months
  • For employee with fixed income who have productive enterprise maximum until 15 years

Credi Guarantee

  • Main Guarantees :
    • Feasibiltiy business
  • Additional Guarantees :
    • Land, house, building boarding, and or;
    • The others moving items;

Application Files Completeness

  1. Recent photograph size 4x6 in 2 (two) pieces;
  2. Copy of ID card (KTP / SIM) and Tax Identification Number (TIN);
  3. Copy of Family Structure Card (KSK)
  4. Copy of married certificate or unmarried certificate;
  5. Letter of death / divorce if it had been a widow/widower;
  6. Proof of additional collateral ownership;
  7. Copy of savings book / savings account at least 3 months recent;
  8. The financial report;
  9. SiUMI Card;
  10. Micro Small Enterprise license / Reference Letter of the village head or head of market / SIUP / TDP;
  11. Special for the fixed income debtor employee candidate and their families who have a productive enterprise, must complete these requirements:
    1.Copy of Reference Letter of assignment permanent employee and copy of the last Reference Letter.
    2.Recomended letter from head of company
    3.Reference Letter of the amount of salaries / income debtor candidate from treasurer or head of company
    4.Power of attorney deduct salaries the debtor
    5.Loan list Reference letter from debtor

Terms, conditions/for more information about our products, please contact Info Bank Jatim 14044 or visit branch offices Bank Jatim.