Kredit Investasi Pemerintah

  • Kredit Investasi Pemerintah
    Is a Working Capital Credit and/or investment which given to Micro and Small Enterprises for productive enterprise financing, as well as the business prospects have or have not been funded from other sources.
  • Target
    Micro and Small Enterprises
  • Plafond
    1. Micro Enterprise maximum is Rp 50 million,
    2. Small Enterprise maximum is Rp 500 million.
  • Interest Rate
    Low, competitive, and attractive interest rate.
  • Guarantee
    1. Main Guarantee is the feasibility enterprise,
    2. Additional Guarantee are moving items (ex: Certificate of Ownership of Motor Vehicles) and/or immovable items (ex: Certificate of Land and/or Buildings).
  • Application Requirements
    1. Recent photograph 4x6,
    2. Copy of ID card / driving license (KTP/SIM),
    3. Copy of Family Structure Card (KSK),
    4. Copy of married certificate or unmarried certificate,
    5. Letter of death / divorce if it had been a widow/widower,
    6. Copy of additional collateral ownership proof,
    7. Reference Letter of the enterprise from the Village Head or Head of Market,
    8. TIN, SIUP, TDP, and SITU,
    9. Other requirements in accordance with Bank Jatim.

Terms, conditions/for more information about our products, please contact Info Bank Jatim 14044 or visit branch offices Bank Jatim.