• Kredit Kepada Koperasi (KKOP) distributed to cooperative which have a productive enterprise for the cooperative’s purpose as an institution (not to be distributed to member)
  • KREDIT KEPADA KOPERASI UNTUK ANGGOTANYA (KKPA) transferred to the Saving and Loans Cooperative (KSP) and Primary Cooperatives which have Saving and Loan Unit to be distributed to cooperative’s member who have a productive enterprise
  • Plafond
    Determined based on the result of credit analysis needs assessment and the ability of credit repayment
  • Time Period
    a. Sugar cane sector financing is a maximum of 2 (two) years
    b. Non-sugar cane financing for a maximum of 3 (three) years
  • Interest Rate
    Low, competitive, and attractive interest rate.
  • Guarantee
    1. KKPA Sugar Cane Sector;
      1. The main guarantee is in the form of business feasibility
      2. Corporate Guarantee from Limited Liability Company Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) or Sugar Factory
      3. DO ( Delivery Order ) Sugar
    2. KKPA Apart from the sugar cane sector:
      1. The main guarantee is in the form of business feasibility
      2. Additional collateral in the form of debtor assets, both movable and immovable property and / or in other forms
  • Application Requirements
    1. Photograph of the entire boards 4x6,
    2. Copy of personal identity (ID card / driving license / Reference Letter from the village head/urban village head if the ID card is not applicable) of the entire boards,
    3. Copy of the Establishment Deed following the changes legalized by the department,
    4. Copy of Cooperative Legal Entity legalized by the department,
    5. Copy of the Member Annual Meeting (RAT) report last recently 2 (two) years legalized by the department,
    6. List the arrangement of boards and supervisors legalized by the department,
    7. TIN, SIUP / TDP,
    8. List and count the member and/or member candidate,
    9. If the cooperative already has SIUP / TDP / TDI, please submit the copy to the Bank,

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