Inul Daratista Enlivens the Sparkling Prize of SIMPEDA Bank Jatim 2019

Date: 05 october 2019

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Series of Sparkling Prize Lottery SIMPEDA Regional PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (bankjatim) was held again. This year the sparkling prize of SIMPEDA bankjatim is held in 5 districts / cities in East Java. After some time ago it was held in Lumajang Regency and Malang City, this time Mojokerto was hosted by 8 branches namely bankjatim Mojokerto Branch, Sumenep, Kangean, Pamekasan, Sampang, Bangkalan, Sidoarjo, and Gresik on Saturday (05 / 10/2019).Located in the East Parking Mall of the Mojokerto Sunrise Mall and carrying the theme of Movement for A Better Life, the lottery activity was opened with a fashion contest participated by the general public. The unique costume that is contested is a costume made from recycled materials.Meanwhile, Managing President Director of bankjatim, Ferdian Timur Satyagraha said, this activity is a series of SIMPEDA 2019 Lucky Draw Prizes which will be held in five regencies / cities in East Java, "this is one form of bankjatim appreciation to customers who are loyal to bankjatim," said Ferdian .The community and bankjatim customers from 8 branches will compete for a total prize of Rp12.65 billion. Customers who have a minimum balance of Rp1 Million will get 1 coupon which will later be included in the draw. Customers of each branch will be entered into a lottery with a first prize to get Rp100 million in cash, and a second prize draw of Rp50 million. All bankjatim customers in East Java will also get the opportunity to win the Grand Prize of IDR 500 million.For information, SIMPEDA Savings is a superior product for all Regional Development Banks in Indonesia (BPD-SI) where SIMPEDA savings account holders have the opportunity to enter the draw three times a year which consists of 2 National Lottery and 1 Regional Lottery.In addition to the grand prize in the form of cash, bankjatim also provided a door prize with a grand prize of two units of Motorcycle and several other attractive door prizes. The participants of the SIMPEDA SIMPEDA Lottery Prize will be entertained with the appearance of a national dangdut artist, Inul Daratista.