Bank Jatim Facilitate Meeting With The Provincial Government Riau Island Related The Management of the CSR Program

Date: 17 september 2015

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Follow up a letter from the head administration bureau economy provincial government secretariat riau islands regarding a work visit to the government with insight related the management of the program Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / PKBL, Bank Jatim facilitate the request by held it in room semeru Bank Jatim Jl.Basuki rahmat 98-104 surabaya, Wednesday (16/9).

Rudie Hardiono as Operational Director Bank Jatim stated that the relationships between agencies harmonious was one factor sustainability Bank Jatim.

We welcomed visits the provincial government riau islands related the management of the program Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / PKBL in Bank Jatim, Because we ought maintain the reciprocal harmony in the agencies that is one factor the sustainability         itself. Where along this Bank Jatim regardful the application of CSR in order to run the right and can contribute on economic growth and other social out company.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the kind of commitment Bank Jatim to participate in the sustainable economic development to improve the quality of life and environment useful, good for the company itself, local community, and the society in general.

The implementation of the social and environmental responsibility in Bank Jatim managed to the subject local community and the community who scope his covering education sector, culture, health and social that have occurred in various activities included in a program directed.

As a result of social and environmental responsibility, Bank Jatim have set a policy may be similarity in orientation and the implementation of the concern Bank Jatim to community social and its environment in order to support and contribute in the vision and mission Bank Jatim.

In 2014, Bank Jatim has distributed Corporate Social Responsibility funds as much as Rp 15,47 billion contribute to the field of :

  • Social                                     : Rp 8,67 Billion
  • Culture                                  : Rp 538 Million
  • Education                               : Rp 2, 05 Billion
  • Health and Environment        : Rp 4, 21 Billion